Will the real IT superpower please stand up?

Jan 01, 2014, 13:11 IST | Nimish Dubey

Will India finally emerge as the IT superpower that we all dreamt of for so long? When it comes to launching new phones, tablets and other gadgets globally, India is still more of an afterthought. The year 2014 might be our chance to change that, either by launching a grand, legitimate 'Made in India' phone, tablet, search engine or game. Also, dare we hope that Apple products be made more affordable?

Apple will get mass-y Oyez, super affordable iPhones and iPads
Right, we know now that the ‘c’ in the iPhone 5c did not stand for ‘cheap’ (does ANYTHING in that fruity named company stand for that?), but that has not stopped us from hoping that 2014 will be the year that Apple will get bored of the classes and turn to the masses.

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An iPhone for Rs 25,000? An iPad for Rs 15,000? Yes, some might call it dream territory, but well, Apple has always been a difficult company to predict, and it did make both touchscreen phones and tablets mainstream. So why not make a product that is mainstream in the first place? And well, it really is about time that we had a super affordable Apple product in the market -- they did not even refresh the iPod shuffle this year, for God’s sake!

It may be the time for USB connectivity on tablets and phones
People have been asking about them for ages, and manufacturers have been putting up defences ranging from hardware architecture to concerns about piracy of content, but 2014 might see that change.

All right, we SO hope, it will see that change. We have seen a few manufacturers try to incorporate USB connectivity of some sort on tablets and phones, and hopefully some heads in the bigger brands will figure out that firstly, it takes more than the absence of a USB port to deter the Jack Sparrows of tech, and secondly, that many people prize convenience as much as sleek looks. I mean, we saw Nokia add USB connectivity to the N8 years ago using an adaptor, but not too many followed suit. May 2014 see that change, so that we can stop carrying multiple memory devices around!

Mera Bharat (tech) Mahaan - 1 India’s first killer consumer tech product cometh
It has been called an IT power for quite a while, but let’s be honest, India has not really seen that one killer consumer tech product that pretty much takes the world by storm. But well, it is imminent -- it had better be, given all the blood, toil, tears and sweat (not to mention hype) that is being put into the sector. We have made some decent starts, but nothing that has really rocked the world, so to speak, and come purely from India. 2014 will change all that, we say (all right, we hope). Will it be a tablet, a phone, a search engine or maybe even just an incredibly addictive game? We know not. What we DO know is that it really is about time that the IT power had a few weapons that were desi, but were lusted for globally. No, low-cost programmers and call centres are not included in that.

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