#WillYouMarryMe: Man proposes on Twitter

May 30, 2013, 09:59 IST | IANS

A creative consultant from Los Angeles decided not to follow any stereotypical way of asking a woman to marry him, but proposed to his girlfriend in front of thousands of followers on Twitter

Curt Buthman uploaded a short video of him asking his partner Marsha Collier to marry him while she conducted an online discussion with Twitter users about customer service, the Daily Mail reported.

He used an app that allows people to upload videos of up to six seconds.

It caught the woman's attention, and she immediately accepted his very modern proposal.

When she was bombarded with the question, she initially tweeted: "Um, wow!! OMG RT @curtbuthman: @marshacollier I love you! #WillYouMarryMe <3 #custserv"

But then she quickly accepted his proposal, writing: "Um, uh, YES @curtbuthman - I will MARRY YOU! #custserv."

The pair were using the hashtag #custserv to attract the attention of anyone who wanted to take part in the online conversation about customer service.

But this soon changed to #WillYouMarryMe as users celebrated the engagement.

Collier, author of the "For Dummies" series on eBay and eCommerce, was flooded with congratulations from her 70,000 followers.

Twitter users exploded with joy about the surprise proposal.

One Shauna Shines wrote "Romance isn't dead, it's on Twitter!" while another named StereotypeSteve wrote "Social media changing the world! Love anywhere can happen."

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