Winner of 27 Grammys, Quincy Jones hosts Farhan Akhtar in Dubai

Oct 16, 2013, 08:35 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

When Farhan Akhtar set out for Dubai recently to croon in a music concert, he had two surprises waiting for him

The actor-filmmaker not only met up with renowned musician Quincy Jones, the 80-year-old even hosted Farhan in the city.

Farhan Akhtar

Speaking about Quincy’s (he even collaborated with Michael Jackson) association with Farhan, a source says, “Before his concert, Quincy put Farhan up in a luxury hotel and even interacted with him before the start of the musical evening. The producer and composer was the curator for the performance by Farhan and his band members.

Insiders say meeting Quincy was one of the high points of his Dubai concert, feels Farhan.

Anurag Rao, the manager and the guitarist of Farhan’s band says, “It was a great experience meeting Jones.”  

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