Winners for TEA Quotient are...

Aug 26, 2013, 09:58 IST | The Guide Team

The Guide thanks all its readers for participating in the What is your TEA Quotient? contest that appeared in MiD DAY's August 20 edition

To see how the rest of you scored, here are the correct answers to the ten questions:

What does the word CTC in packaged tea stands for?
Crush, tear, Curl.

Which community in Mumbai is believed to have invented Cutting Chai?
Gujarati Traders.

Which indigenous variety of Indian tea, discovered in the 19th century is now revered world over?
Assamese Tea.

Which tea place in South Mumbai serves Darjeeling First Flush tea?
Tea Centre in Churchgate or Tea Lounge, Taj Mahal Place Hotel, Colaba (both answers are correct)

Tea parties, where women drink tea and gossip, originated in which country?

Tea is linked to which major armed revolution of the 18th century?
American Revolution (The Boston Tea Party was one of the incidents that showed the American opposition to high taxes imposed on them)

In Korea, tea is served with raw eggs, in Europe with cookies, Russians drink it with a lump of sugar, what do most Indians prefer to drink tea with?

Which country has a special spoon dedicated to Iced Tea, and is also the origin of the famous tea?
United States.

India produces four varieties of tea -- Kangra Tea, Assamese Tea, Nilgiri Tea. Which is the fourth variety?
Darjeeling Tea.

Where did tea originate?
China (The first record of tea as a drink is believed to have appe ared in China)

Sources: Tea Board of India, UK Tea Council 

The winners are:
All ten correct answers
> Vijay Mohan
Eight correct answers (selected as per the arrival of replies)
> Pranav Pandya
> Rita Rodricks
> Harsha Bhatia
> Manoj Thamke

Claim the prize

To: claim your prize, the MiD DAY mug, all the above winners must bring valid ID Proof and collect the same from the MiD DAY office.
At: Mid-Day Infomedia Ltd, Peninsula Centre, Dr. S.S. Rao Road, opposite Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Parel (E)
Time: to collect the prize 2-8pm (except Saturdays and Sundays)
Call: 67017171 

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