Winnie the Pooh should head here

Jun 13, 2012, 10:59 IST | Dhara Vora

A social enterprise trains farmers in bee keeping, that also aids better agricultural produce

A look at a small bottle of honey would hardly give out the smiles of the number of people involved in making it. Under the Mango Tree(UTMT) is a social enterprise that works towards empowerment of rural families by manufacturing gourmet honey and other products related to it.

They train farmers in bee keeping, that also aids better agricultural produce. UTMT is a recognised fair trade brand. They mainly train small/marginal and tribal farmers which other than improving bee pollination also generates an income from honey and beeswax. That the honey produced is delicious is an add-on benefit. All their products are certified organic.

UTMT does interesting flavours of their honey such as Dacoit’s Gold, Himalayan Flora, Wild Forest and Desert Bloom. The different flavours make a big difference to your food with some being citrusy, some spicy and some mixed with herbal flora of particular regions. These are packaged in lovely bottles and hence make for great gifts as well.

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