Winning the award is a happy sign: Raghu Ram

Sep 11, 2014, 08:42 IST | Asira Tarannum

Raghu Ram, producer of reality television show MTV Roadies, was awarded the 30th Dr S Radhakrishnan Memorial National Media Award 2014 in Delhi last week. He talks about how the award is special after the critics' brickbats

Television personality Raghu Ram, for the longest time, was criticised by various groups and accused of corrupting the minds of the youth and abusing on national television. Recently, he was in the news for being one of the awardees of the Dr S Radhakrishnan Memorial National Media Award.

Raghu Ram

After the news broke, his friends were over at his place and Raghu Ram was as normal and happy as he always is. Talking about his first reaction, he says, “I got a call and a mail telling me to be in Delhi on September 4 to collect the award. My first reaction was, ‘Why am I getting awarded?’ I have only been to awards twice: once when Rajiv forced me to and once Rannvijay (Singh) dragged me. But this award is special.”

He admits that it’s ironical that after being criticised, he is now being awarded for outstanding contribution to Indian television. “Honestly, I feel haters don’t have any logic. This award will not shut them up and I am not even looking for validation. It feels great that for whatever it is worth, apolitical people have seen my potential and have honoured me for my work. They have acknowledged the longevity and sustainability of my efforts. I am not going to tom-tom about this award. But my parents, in-laws and friends are very happy and that’s what matters,” he admits.

On returning from Delhi, he plans to throw a party for the entire team as he feels each member has contributed for the award. “It is a great opportunity to hang out with my team and it's a happy sign as Rajiv and I have just started our company Monozygotic. I am happy about the timing of this award,” he signs off.

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