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Jul 24, 2014, 07:32 IST | Ruchika Kher

The champion runner has come on board for a new online show, India Running with Milind Soman, which will be India’s first official YouTube channel for runners in India

Q. What is India Running with Milind Soman about, and why did you decide to come on board for this show?               
A. India Running with Milind Soman is India’s first digital video channel produced by FameBox Network on all matters related to running and fitness. I have been an active proponent of the running as a fitness activity in the last 10 years; running has reached an inflection point with a host of beginners joining the fray. This is the right time to come up with a channel that will be able to cater to the needs of runners and fitness enthusiasts across the country.    

Milind Soman
Milind Soman, runner, model & actor

Q. How different will it be from other fitness shows?
A. Firstly, it’s India’s first digital video channel on running and fitness and this by itself is different. Given the experience of this team in marketing and canvassing across the digital platforms, we aim to reach out to a new set of people, in addition to the existing runners in the country.  It will also be different in terms of the treatment and mode of narrative. In this show, I will take on a more collaborative role with fellow coaches, running experts, runners themselves etc and will strive to find out both sides of an argument on any issue related to the sport. For example, the simple task of knowing what kind of watch to wear has multiple interpretations. My aim is to curate this across a wide cross-section of people and leave it for the audience to decide.

Q. You are known for your love for running but if I’m not wrong, initially you were not fond of running. So what converted you and how has it helped you?
A. Going to the gym was getting monotonous, and I wanted to try out an outdoor activity besides swimming. I started off not knowing what I was getting into but I am now hooked for good. Over the course of the journey I have met some amazing people, conducted a whole host of running events, and raised awareness for breast cancer though Pinkathons that are
held across India. The journey has been exhilarating.

Q. What is your routine like? For how long do you run daily?
A. I run everyday come rain, hail, storm, sunshine or snow. Not that there will be a problem of the latter in Mumbai. I run for at least an hour everyday as it keeps me fresh and energetic. Running releases endorphins that help to release stress and give a natural high. A run every morning will perk up anyone for a long day of work.

Q. You have also been raising awareness about barefoot running. Tell us a bit about this idea?
A. I discovered barefoot running by accident and it’s been an incredible journey for me. It creates what is called as Proprioception, which entails how your body responds to the environment. The nerves near your foot tell your body how to adapt posture and body form to the way you run. This automatically reduces injuries and helps improve your running stride.

Q. What are your plans to encourage more women runners in India?
A. Overseas, I have noticed many women runners because the climate is conducive to run in the afternoons. In India, it’s not so, unfortunately. However a lot of women are getting into running here because they see the benefits and positive effects of running.  Still the numbers are not very high. I hope this channel, which will also feature a lot of content on prominent women runners, will appeal and inspire a whole new generation of women to take part in running.

Milind's guidebook
Begin with a health check up or plainly listen to your body when you run
>> Get a sense of yourself, and understand how your body responds
>> Don’t try to over-achieve initially due to peer pressure or ambitious goals
>> Running is a sport that is to be enjoyed and done in leisure
>> These days, with so many marathons and people posting their timings on social media, don’t let the pressure to perform get to you
>> Personal enjoyment and camaraderie with your fellow runners should be your top priority

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