With 180 potholes, this may be Mumbai's worst road

Jul 23, 2014, 10:11 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

A road connecting S V Road at Milan Subway junction to Link Road passing through Daulat and Rizvi Nagar has more than 179 potholes on a 500-metre stretch; one such crater is 3x3 metres and 10 inches deep

If you thought potholes were making your life miserable, consider yourself lucky that you don’t stay near this road in Santacruz (West).

Our reporter measures a mammoth pothole and finds out it is 3x3 metres in area, and about 10 inches deep. Pics/Suresh KK
Our reporter measures a mammoth pothole and finds out it is 3x3 metres in area, and about 10 inches deep. Pics/Suresh KK

A private road that connects S V Road at Milan Subway junction with the Link Road passing through Daulat Nagar and Rizvi Nagar has around 180 potholes within a distance of only 500 metres. Some of these may as well be mini-storage tanks for dirty water, measuring 3x3 metres and being 10 inches deep.

mid-day measured over 180 potholes on the entire 500-metre stretch of the road
mid-day measured over 180 potholes on the entire 500-metre stretch of the road

Motorists, especially two-wheelers, dread the day they have to commute on this road it can only be called so for the lack of other words to describe it. The street begins from a school called Sane Guruji Arogya Mandir, which is just 200 metres away from the S V Road junction near the Milan Subway signal.

This stretch itself has more than 75 potholes, which inconveniences students attending this school. Adding to this, the rear gate of the Santacuz bus depot also opens out on this road, and the huge BEST buses lumbering their way across the shoddy street only makes the situation worse.

Always this way
If locals are to be believed, this has been the status quo of the road for more than two years; yet, no one has bothered to address the issue. A private developer who redeveloped a slum under the slum rehabilitation programme has built the road.

It is currently the responsibility of the developer and the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA). Since it is a private road and yet to be handed over to the BMC, no work has been commissioned. Baptist Dsouza, who owns a shop in this area, told mid-day, “These potholes have been here for the past few years and no government agency is interested in filling them.

In my view, the BMC should repair this road on priority, even if it’s not under their jurisdiction because many vehicles coming from the highway via the Milan ROB and going towards Link Road at Santacuz and Juhu Chowpatty use this road.”

On Tuesday, mid-day visited the road to check the size of the potholes and their number. We were shocked to see that some potholes measured more than 3x3 metres and were as deep as 10 inches. Others were around 2x1 metres with a depth of eight inches.

With the gigantic craters on the road, auto rickshaws can easily turn turtle. “A few days ago, a physically challenged person fell off from his cycle after a tyre went into one of the big potholes,” said one of the mechanics working at a garage on the road. Apart from this, if one travels by this road every day, one can be assured of having back problems and aches pretty soon.


Sayyed Faiz local resident
These potholes need to be repaired at the earliest. I have fallen when the front tyre of my bike went inside the potholes. But, the authorities seem uninterested. Senior citizens and pregnant women face huge problems when travelling in a vehicle via this road.

Faizan Mustafa local resident
I have been staying here for many years and this pothole issue has always been there. When I go to, and return from, school, it’s difficult to walk by this road. They only repair it temporarily, but the potholes return.

Baptist Dsouza local shopkeeper
During monsoon, bikers and pedestrians are unable to judge the depth of the ditches and several people have skidded from their bikes.

BMC speak
Prashant Sapkale, assistant municipal commissioner, said, “Till date, we have sent three reminders to the SRA, telling them that the road should be repaired and handed over to the BMC. But, we have not received any proper reply. This road is a private road and it is the job of the developer who constructed the SRA building to build it properly and hand it over to us.” SRA chief Nirmalkumar Deshmukh was not available for comment.

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