With love, from Farah Khan

Jul 10, 2012, 09:01 IST | Avantika Patil

For somebody who's a Govinda fan, Farah Khan has another side to her personality

She believes in all love, but not just the romantic one. The choreographer turned director turned actress gets candid with CS about love in real as well as reel life:

Who: Farah Khan
What: On reel love v/s real love
Where: At her residence in Andheri

Love actually
Love means different things for different people. For some it means caring and for some, the feeling of belonging to someone. I believe that love has no expiry date. I mean people keep saying that love is for the younger generation in their mid 20s but trust me, love is the feeling that comes at any age. And love for me is not just the boyfriend-girlfriend love but many other relationships as well.

Kiddie fun
After having three babies, I think the purest form of love is what one has for their kids. In fact, now the love of my life are my three kids. I mean I love my husband but after becoming a mother, my kids mean the world to me. The priorities have changed. But it’s not just my priority, even Shirish’s priority has changed ever since he became a father. In fact, whenever I have to show or enact love, all I do is think about my kids. My face automatically softens, eyes become moist, and there is a soft smile that comes immediately on my face.

High on romance
Romantic love was something that I have experienced earlier and it is just fantastic. I mean nothing in this world can match its effect. When in love, it is like being on a high without drugs and everything seems very nice and lovely. It is the high point of all other emotions in life.

Reel love stories
I am not too much of a romantic film buff. But Bobby and Ek Duje Ke Liye are exceptions. I was eight years old when I saw Bobby and fell in love with it. It was the first love story that I had ever seen. Rishi Kapoor and Dimple were so naturally in love. I still have the biggest crush on Chintu (Rishi). The list of my favourite love stories is simply incomplete without Ek Duje ke liye. What a film, simple and yet so hard hitting. One can fall in love with the film, irrespective of the language. The chemistry between Kamal Haasan and Rati Agnihotri is to die for. I even liked Kuch Kuch Hota Hai though I don’t really believe in one love in one lifetime funda, but the story is sweet. According to me, love can happen a lot of times with a lot of people. 

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