With prices going north, 'where are the #AcheDin?' ask Indian middle-class

Jun 01, 2016, 16:06 IST | mid-day online correspondent

The Indian middle-class is up in arms, on Twitter that is, to protest against the slew of price hikes that have come into effect from June 1, including the cost of fuel and service tax

The Indian middle-class is feeling extremely stressed. After all, the last 24 hours have seen their daily expenses shoot up phenomenally thanks to a slew of price hikes that have come into effect from June 1.

While some of the cost burden is due to indirect taxes, others like the rise of petrol price and that of non-subsidised gas has a direct effect on the lives of middle-class Indians.

If previously eating out was getting expensive, now even eating in is becoming more and more expensive what with LPG cylinders costing more and more. Even travelling to your regular health check-up will cost more with fuel prices going north. And what about train fares? Well, pay more for the comfort of AC while travelling.

Here's a look at all the prices that have gone north in the last 24 hours

Fuel prices have gone up once again:

The price of petrol has shot up Rs 4.47 per litre, and that of diesel Rs 6.46 in the last 5 weeks, taking retail rates to their highest level in one year.

Oil companies late on Tuesday night hiked petrol price by Rs 2.58 per litre and diesel by Rs 2.26 a litre.

This was the third increase in auto fuel prices since May 1.

A litre of petrol in Delhi now costs Rs 65.60 while diesel is priced at Rs 53.93 a litre.

Prior to last nights increase, rates of petrol were hiked by Rs 1.06 a litre on May 1 and by Rs 0.83 on May 17.

Similarly on diesel, price was increased by Rs 2.94 on May 1 and by Rs 1.26 a per litre on May 17.

Barring an exemption on April 16, when price of petrol was cut by Rs 0.74 a litre and diesel by Rs 1.30, the upward trend in rates has been a phenomenon since March 17.

Petrol was increased by Rs 3.07 a litre on March 17 and Rs 2.19 per litre on April 4. In case of diesel, there were four straight hikes prior to that cut. The hikes totaled Rs 4.63 per litre.

After discounting the April 16 reduction, petrol prices have jumped by Rs 8.99 per litre since mid-March and diesel by Rs 9.79 per litre.

Non-subsidised LPG price hiked by Rs. 21 per cylinder

LPG cylinders
With LPG cylinders

The Union government on Wednesday hiked the price of non-subsidized cooking gas by Rs. 21 per cylinder.

The fresh rates came into effect from Tuesday mid night.

Earlier, the government had hiked the price of non-subsidized cooking gas or LPG by Rs. 14.2 a cylinder in November last year.

Non-subsidised cooking gas (LPG) now costs Rs 548.50 in Delhi as against Rs 527.50 previously.

Service tax goes up

ATM ATM charges will also go up

With the Union government imposing 'Krishi Kalyan' cess of 0.5 per cent on service tax, the tax which was 14% will now be 15%. Swacch Bharat Cess is the other 0.5% on the service tax.

The Krishi Kalyan cess of 0.5 per cent on service tax will be imposed on all AC class rail tickets, freight and parcel.

The increase in service tax will be applicable on tickets issued on or after June 1 and not on tickets issued prior to 1st of June. The service tax hike will also make mobile bills, eating out, hotel bills, watching movie in theatres, insurance policies, health check-ups, coaching classes and banking services like demand drafts, lockers, issuance of new cheque books, ATM charges more expensive.

Aviation turbine fuel or jet fuel price shoots up

Jet fuel, which constitutes over 40 per cent of an airline's operating cost, saw a steep hike by 9.2 percent. The cash-strapped carriers are sure to pass on that burden onto the passengers.


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