Within hours of stepping off train, woman lured with a job and raped

May 08, 2013, 07:09 IST | Vinay Dalvi

She left her husband in Bengal to make a living in Mumbai; an unknown man at Dadar station promised her a job and took her to a house where she was raped and her jewellery stolen

A 49-year-old housewife who left her husband in West Bengal after a tiff and came to Mumbai was raped by an unidentified person in Dadar on Monday. The police are trying to identify the rapist but the victim is unable to provide a location or name of the accused. The victim had earlier had a fight with her husband and left her house to find a job in Mumbai. “The woman caught the Howrah Mumbai Express via Nagpur and sat in the general compartment.

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She reached Dadar around 5 am and got off. Not knowing what to do as she did not know anybody in the city, she was standing near the Swaminarayan Temple in Dadar (E) when a person approached her,” said Nitin Bobade, inspector attached to the Dadar Government Railway Police (GRP).

The accused, who was in his late 40s, spoke fluent Bengali with the victim, who cannot speak any other language. He then left only to return with a friend who promised the victim a job and a house in the city. He took her to another friend’s house in a taxi. “There the victim was introduced to another woman who asked her to remove all her gold ornaments like earrings and bangles, saying that the city was not safe.

Yet another woman asked her to freshen up and take a bath. When the victim was in the bath, the woman fled with her gold ornaments. One of the accused then got in the bathroom and, muzzling her with his hand, raped her,” said Bobade. The accused told the victim not to say anything to anybody and in return, he would give her a good job. He took her in a cab and dropped her off at Kailash Lassi in Dadar (E), asking her to wait for him there. 

“The accused never returned. After waiting for an hour, the woman started crying and narrated the entire incident to the cabbies and hawkers nearby. They approached a Bengali railway employee and lodged a complaint with us,” said Bobade. A rape and theft case was registered.

The police pored over the CCTV footage but could not find any clue of the accused. “We took her to the area, trying to look for the house where she was taken. But after reaching Bhoiwada, she got confused with the roads. As the incident happened in the city area, we will transfer the case to the Matunga police,” said Bobade. 

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