Woman accuses Samajwadi Party MLA of rape

Oct 08, 2012, 14:18 IST | Agencies

A woman has alleged that a Samajwadi Party legislator kept her hostage and raped her for over four months.

Samajwadi Party (SP) found itself embroiled in controversy as one of its legislators was accused by a woman of keeping her hostage and raping her for over four months. The MLA, Madan Singh Gautam, said he had nothing to do with the case and was being 'framed'.

Madan Singh Gautam is the SP MLA from Auraiya Sadar (reserved).

The police lodged a complaint based on the woman's charges Sunday.

The woman alleged that she had gone to a police station April 30 to file a complaint against a neighbour for beating her up. The cops, she alleged, did not write her complaint, following which a man named Amit took her to the SP legislator.

The MLA offered her some help. On May 25, when she was in the market buying groceries, four armed men, only two of whom she could identify as Amit, the man who initially took her to the legislator, and Kunwar Singh, kidnapped her in a white vehicle.

According to the woman's complaint, she was taken to a desolate spot and raped by the four men. She was later taken to the residence of the MLA in Ratnipur, where she says she was raped again.

The woman said that the MLA held her hostage and kept raping her for four months.

She said she only managed to flee Sunday.

The victim has given a sworn affidavit before the police and has sought protection for herself and the arrest of the guilty.

District police chief Sanjay Kakkad said the matter was being looked into.  

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