Woman acquires flat, LED TV with chain-snatching money

Oct 01, 2012, 06:12 IST | Vinay Dalvi

The accused, who was arrested from Vikhroli station, was previously a bar dancer and then turned to prostitution before choosing her present career

A lavishly furnished flat in Trombay, first-rate electronics and consumer durables, two daughters enrolled at a high-profile school — one would have to say that Yasmin Partha Shaikh is a successful woman. The only catch is that she’s a chain snatcher. Kurla Government Railway police (GRP) arrested this 26-year-old — formerly a bargirl — involved in more than twenty cases across the city.

Yasmin Partha Shaikh, chain-snatcher
Caught: Yasmin Partha Shaikh

As reported by MiD DAY (‘Bar girl robbed chains to keep 20 lovers happy’, September 28) Yasmin alias Reshma was arrested from Vikhroli station a few days ago while she was about to get back to her vocation.

“One of our constables who had arrested her earlier identified and nabbed her and recovered three mangalsutras,” said Shivaji Dhumal, senior police inspector of Kurla GRP.

While investigating, police learnt that Yasmin was a resident of Cheetah Camp in Trombay and had bought a posh flat there, equipped with split air conditioners.

“Her two daughters study in a school at Panchgani. She had paid around Rs 5 lakh for their admission. Since she keeps going in and out of lockups, she put the girls in a boarding school so their education wouldn’t be disturbed,” said Dhumal.

Police were astonished when they searched the accused’s accommodation, as it was equipped with an LED television, an electric water purifier and a two-door refrigerator.

Yasmin’s father was a hawker. After he died, she turned a bar dancer to make a living. After these establishments were closed down following an order by the state government, she got into high- profile prostitution. When that did not work out, Yasmin started snatching chains.

“She wears a burqa while on the job. She is good looking, and when cops catch her she manages to provide one excuse or the other and eventually escapes,” said Dhumal.

Yasmin has two cases registered against her at Antop Hill, seven with Kurla GRP, three at CST, one at Thane, seven at Borivli and one with Wadala GRP. 

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