Woman arrested after trying to break into jail!

Aug 01, 2012, 06:07 IST | ANI

An Ohio woman's wish to be behind bars was granted after she was caught breaking into a local jail

According to a TV news channel, deputies found Tiffany R. Hurd trying to scale a barbed wire fence Sunday morning in a bizarre attempt to gain access to the Butler County Jail in southwest Ohio.

Hatke news, Woman arrested after trying to break into jail!

Sheriff’s officers asked the 36-year-old woman to leave the property but Hurd refused, telling jail staff, “I want to be arrested.”

The suspected trespasser, undeterred, continued to try to climb the fence in front of the deputies, who said that she clearly looked intoxicated.

She now faces misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. Her bond has been set at 2,500 dollars.

Butler County sheriff Richard K. Jones said that for as far as he could remember, no one had ever tried to actually sneak into jail.

“Usually the sheriff’s inmates are trying to figure out how to escape the compound,” a major newspaper quoted Jones.

“Tiffany, however, did get her wish to be arrested and will probably be a front runner for World’s Dumbest Criminals,” he said.

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