Woman's day: Woman - Get a Life!

Mar 08, 2013, 10:29 IST | Razvin Namdarian

In the everyday rut of managing the household and office work, women often tend to neglect their health. Here are a few simple ways of getting a little 'me' time

Women - thy name is sacrifice! We may be mis-quoting here a bit, but it’s not just not mothers who sacrifice for the family and children. Ever since women are little girls they are conditioned to ‘let go’, give in, be the bigger person. Some rebel, but for the most part, women walk the tight rope managing home and work and learn to compromise on most things. Unfortunately, in this they tend to ignore the person who matters most — themselves! So while multitasking is a commendable skill to possess and the urban woman is an adept juggler of many hats — she needs to keep the one marked ‘me’ up in the air the longest.

Sonia Agarwal

Mental Break
It’s important to keep some quiet time for yourself to maintain your mental sanity. Meditation, yoga, reiki, take up anything that gives you some mental peace and shuts out the din of demands on your time from husband, children, home and work. This may even mean getting up an hour earlier before the rest of the household but it will be worth it.

Healthy eating
Hunger pangs attack at any hour, especially if you tend to neglect having a peaceful meal. Make time for a healthy breakfast and if want to snack keep some dry fruits or nuts handy; protein bars are also a good option. Remember the rules of healthy eating, like servings of fruits and vegetables apply to you as much as to your family.

Getting to the gym is a chore and not everyone has time for that. Try your best to go there but if you can’t manage, work out a few exercises you can do at your desk at the office. Take a small walk after lunch. Even around the home you can do some stretching exercises while watching your favourite soap. A healthy mind in a healthy body is true.

Get help
There is no loss of face in admitting that you need an extra pair of hands around the home. Enlist help from your in-laws, neighbours or a trustworthy maid. At work, delegate when possible and especially if you have a family emergency.

Take a holiday
It’s easier said than done, but even a small weekend break will do wonders for your mental and physical health. Of course, mothers are never really on a holiday as there are always children to care for but just a change of scenery and time away from the daily drudge and routine does help. If your kids are old enough to be left with your parents or in-laws even better!

Develop new interests
Having a new hobby takes time but it also gives you a great chance to indulge in some ‘me’ time. You could even take up a hobby that has benefits for your family or job, for instance learning Photoshop is perfect for your kid’s presentations and also for work, at the same time you would be having fun.

Most women tend to ignore their health in the monotony of everyday life. Even family members fail to remind them. So, take care of yourself — it’s only then that you can take care of your whole family.  

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