Woman dumps kids, goes missing with Rs 7L jewellery

Oct 12, 2012, 07:03 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Husband files habeas corpus petition in High Court; Vakola police station officials ordered to produce her in court before October 30

Three months after his wife Greta (25) deserted him and their two children, 42-year-old Edward Gomes filed a habeas corpus petition in the Bombay High Court on September 25 following which officials of the Vakola police station were asked to investigate into the matter and produce Greta in the court by October 30.

Edward Gomes with his son and daughter and Greta
Left in the lurch: Edward Gomes with his son and daughter; (insert) Greta

Gomes’ lawyer Advocate Prasad Gajbhiye said they had initially written to the police officials requesting them to investigate the matter, but to no avail.

“The woman has taken along gold ornaments worth Rs 7 lakh. We filed the petition in the Bombay High Court following which police officials were asked to investigate the matter and trace the woman by October 30,” Gajbhiye said.

At present, Gomes is living with his daughter and son at Kalina in Santacruz (East).

Gomes married Greta in 2006 and theirs was an arranged marriage. Gomes used to work on a cruise ship in the food and beverage department, and was hired by a Miami-based private company. The nature of his job kept him away from home for several months at a time.

Gomes said when he came home last December to spend holidays with the family, Greta told him that a person name Ejaz Tanveer Amin Barunkar was harassing her and would make lewd gestures whenever she passed by.

Based on Greta’s grievance, the husband-wife duo registered a complaint at Vakola police station against Barunkar.

Later, officials called Barunkar to the police station and warned him that action would be taken against him if he failed to alter his behaviour. Soon after the issue was settled, Gomes left for Miami.

In June, one of Gomes’ friends called him and informed him that he had spotted Greta with Barunkar. Gomes quit his job and rushed back home to save his marriage.

“When I asked about her relationship with Barunkar, Greta ignored me. When I insisted, she would start fighting. Her behaviour hurt me. I should have sensed the impending trouble,” Gomes said.

He said Greta left home on the afternoon of July 7. When Gomes called her, Greta told him that she was at a beauty parlour. After two hours when Gomes again called her, to check on her whereabouts, he could not get through as her cellphone was switched off.

After searching for Greta at all the parlours in and around Kalina, Gomes finally lodged a missing person’s complaint at Vakola police station. He also mentioned that gold ornaments worth Rs 7 lakh were missing from his residence.

“My son was attached to his mother. After she left, he is not keeping well. He sits in a corner and keeps crying the entire day,” Gomes said.

“I’m yet to receive orders from my superiors so that I can start investigation into the matter. But I am concerned about the case and as soon as we trace the woman, we will produce her in the court,” said Kisan Shirsat, PSI of Vakola police station.  

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