Woman elopes with kids and lover

Jan 05, 2014, 10:22 IST | Akela

Man files case after his 29-year-old wife and three kids disappear on Christmas eve; police officials on the lookout for Atif Khan, a 24-year-old conman and notorious charmer known to befriend women before robbing them

This is a case that has the police a trifle baffled. A 29-year-old woman, mother to three kids, has vanished into thin air with analleged boyfriend.

Her 36-year-old husband has now filed a case against the boyfriend, identified as 24-year-old Atif Khan, apparently a notorious charmer.

Shameen Shaikh who is suspected to have eloped with her boyfriend and children, leaving her huband behind

The cops are confused, as the woman has evidently eloped with her lover, not a case where the cops can really intervene. But the husband, a tailor, has filed a case saying the lives of his wife and children are in danger, as Atif Khan is a criminal with a history of conning gullible women.

The case came to light when on the pretext of visiting Ajmer Sharif, the woman, Shameen Shaikh, disappeared with her children one fine day. It was then that her husband Sajid Rasool Shaikh sought police help to get back his wife and kids.

Shaikh, a resident of Temkar Street in JJ Marg area, registered the complaint on December 25 (copy available with SUNDAY MiD DAY) at the JJ Marg police station. According to Shaikh, his wife was complaining of a headache for a month.

“She kept saying she wanted to go to Ajmer Sharif and only then would she get cured. I thought she needed medical help,” Shaikh said.

The tailor even got in touch with a tantrik. But on December 24, he woke up to realise his family had vanished. After enquiring with relatives Shaikh approached JJ Marg police station.

Then came the shocker. When going through the call detail records (CDR) of Shameem’s mobile phone, the cops realized she was continually in touch with a man identified as Atif Khan (24). Khan, a native of Gonda in Uttar Pradesh, was employed in a bakery in JJ Marg.

The police then spoke to his father in Uttar Pradesh and came to know that Khan is notorious for befriending gullible women and robbing them of their valuables. He is wanted in UP and Kolkata.

“I fear Khan may kill my family after robbing them. I want my family back safe. I love my kids. I will forget this incident and forgive my wife,” said Shaikh.

Shameem and Shaikh were married in 2002. They have two daughters and a son. The couple’s daughters are aged 10 and four and the son is two.

“We are trying our best to locate them. But since the woman has gone with this man of her own free will, we have now registered a missing complaint. Investigations are on,” said an officer investigating the case.

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