Woman in heels trips, gets stuck between train and platform

Jun 06, 2013, 06:40 IST | Richa Pinto

The 24-year-old supermarket attendant escaped with injuries after getting stuck in the gap while alighting at Rabale station before the train pulled to a stop; says her heels may have caused the fall

A 24-year-old supermarket attendant had a miraculous escape after she got caught between the train and the platform at Rabale railway station on the evening of June 4. The victim who suffered internal injuries and a few abrasions was immediately rushed to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) Hospital in Vashi by passengers present at the spot. She is currently said to be out of danger.

The 24-year-old supermarket attendant is recuperating in the trauma ward of NMMC Hospital, where she was admitted on June 4

The doctors claimed that the incident has left her shaken. The Sanpada resident, who works at a supermarket at Juinagar, was commuting to her home from Thane, when, around 5 pm, she decided to get off the train at Rabale station to finish some pending work. “I tried to alight from the moving train while it was entering the station and lost my balance. Another reason for my fall could be that I was wearing heels, because of which I believe I slipped, and got stuck between the train and the platform. 

Everything happened so suddenly that it took me a while to register what had gone wrong,” the victim said, requesting that her identity not be revealed. She remained stuck in the gap until the train moved out of the station, her legs dangling down to the tracks and torso hugging the edge of the platform. “My waist hurts badly and I am unable to move it. I’m also finding it difficult to stand.” The victim thanked all those who rushed to her aid and pulled her out to safety. She was rushed to the hospital, where she is currently recuperating in the trauma ward.

Dr Prashant Jawade, medical superintendent of NMMC Hospital, said, “Train accidents affect the victim mentally as well, more so if the person has managed to escape the catastrophe. We will be screening her spine to check for injuries, if any. But presently, she is out of danger.”

In her statement to the Vashi GRP officials, the girl mentioned that she was standing near the door and was feeling a bit giddy as well. Senior Inspector Parshuram Karyakarte of Vashi GRP said, “The victim slipped and got stuck between the train and the platform. She suffered a few injuries. She informed us that she was feeling giddy and it is possible that she might have lost her balance due to giddiness.” 

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