Woman injured at station says it could be an accident

Aug 28, 2013, 00:14 IST | Vedika Chaubey

28-year-old who got seven stitches to her head after a sharp object hit her while boarding a local at Goregaon says a commuter in a hurry to catch the train may have wounded her unwittingly

The 28-year-old woman who was injured on Monday evening at Goregaon railway station in what seemed to be an assault is not sure whether she was attacked or injured unintentionally by a fellow commuter.

Not an assault? Rupali Shinde was discharged from Alliance Hospital yesterday and is now at her home in Nalasopara

Around 7.50 pm on Monday, Rupali Shinde was hit with a sharp object while she was stepping aboard the second-class ladies’ coach of a Virar-bound local at Goregaon. She received seven stitches to her head and is now at her residence in Nalasopara.

“When I entered the compartment I realised my head was bleeding. My co-commuters tied their dupattas around my head to contain the damage,” said Shinde. As her bleeding was under control, she decided not to go to a hospital and head straight home.

“I got scared, as passengers started talking about why I was injured so badly. I think I got hurt by somebody’s watch or some sharp object which must have hit me while I was trying to get into the compartment,” she said.

At Nalasopara, her train friends called up her sister and rushed her to the stationmaster, who took her to Alliance Hospital with the help of the railway police. She was discharged yesterday afternoon.

Shinde, who stays with her sister, works at Goregaon and catches the 7.49 pm local from there to Nalasopara every day.

The Borivli GRP has registered a case under sections 336 and 337 of the IPC.

Rajendra Rupnawar, senior divisional security commissioner, RPF, Western Railway, said, “We have gone through the CCTV footage and nothing suspicious could be found around that time.”

Assistant Commissioner
of Police Ramnath Ambre, GRP, Vasai Division, said, “We have registered a case against an unknown person and are investigating the matter. But prima facie there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of an intentional act of violence at the location.” 

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