Woman loses lottery ticket worth Rs 537cr

Apr 07, 2012, 11:38 IST | Agencies

The woman who insists she won a record Mega Millions jackpot now says she's lost the winning ticket � but isn't breaking a sweat looking for it. "I have no idea where it is. I'm not sure I have it," Mirlande Wilson said in her latest tortured explanation of the mystery ticket's fate.

The world’s most famous McDonald’s employee incredibly claimed she hadn’t even checked the uniform she was wearing the night she bought it.

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“I’m still looking for it. I haven’t even looked in my uniform pants yet,” the single mom of seven admitted. And she didn’t put her kids to work on the treasure hunt even though they have the week off for spring break.

“I wanted to look for it, I was crying. She wouldn’t let us. It’s a lot of money,” lamented her disappointed daughter Stephanie. The confession is the latest twist in the mystery as Wilson, keeps changing her story.

She set off an international frenzy after saying she had one of three winning tickets in last Friday’s record $656 million (Rs 3,352 crore) Mega Millions jackpot. If her claim proved legit, Wilson would score an after-tax, lump sum prize of $105 million (Rs 537 crore).

She sounded serene despite the ticket’s mystifying disappearance — leaving her fate to faith. “It’s a blessing from God. If it’s meant to be, we’ll find it,” she said.

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