Woman snatches 75-yr-old's chain

Jan 24, 2012, 08:20 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Follows sr citizen while riding pillion on bike, gets off, grabs chain, speeds off

Follows sr citizen while riding pillion on bike, gets off, grabs chain, speeds off

A senior citizen residing in Malaviya Nagar, Vile Parle (East) were robbed by a woman in broad daylight who then made her escape on a bike with her accomplice.

Nalini Salvi (75) and her husband Madhukar were on their routine evening walk when a woman dressed in a green salwar kameez, ran towards them, snatched Nalini's mangalsutra and fled.

Recounting the tale, they said that after the walk, they decided to go to the market to buy some grocery.
Nalini said, "On our way, we noticed a couple eating paani puri at a nearby stall. As I walked further, I noticed them again on a motorcycle, but at that moment, I didn't make anything of it as several college students roam in the area."

As the couple continued to walk further, they noticed that the duo thy had spotted was now on a bike and had halted a few feet from them.

"All of a sudden, the girl got off the bike and rushed towards me. She snatched my mangalsutra, rushed back and made a quick getaway," said Salvi.

She added that the entire episode occurred so quickly that both of them had no time to notice their attackers.

"It all happened so fast that I don't remember the woman's face. All I remember is that the biker had a helmet on." Passersby tried to nab the duo but the narrow lanes allowed them to get away. Later, the elderly couple filed a complaint at the Vile Parle police station. "I believe that the accused had been watching us. We have lived in this area for 43 years and nothing like this has ever occurred before. But now, I fear to step outside my home," said Nalini.

Inspector Bhausaheb Taware from Vile Parle police station said, "It is strange that a woman was involved in the felony. We have intensified patrolling in the area but trying to prevent these crimes is very difficult."

Police chief takes on chain snatching
In the past, as an attempt to reduce the incidences of chain-snatching in the city, armed policemen were asked to patrol the streets on motorcycles. Beat marshals were ordered to keep a strict vigil on bikers plying in the city streets. Moreover, whenever such an incident was reported, the senior police inspector would have to report to the police commissioner.

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