Woman struck by ceramic object flung from skywalk

Aug 14, 2013, 01:02 IST | Nigel Buthello

48-year-old victim was left bleeding from her right eye following the incident which took place as she was crossing the road beneath the skywalk in Sion on Sunday

A 48-year-old woman on her way to church was left bleeding after an object, allegedly flung by an unknown miscreant from atop a skywalk, struck her right eye on Sunday.

DaNger spot: A shopkeeper points to the spot where 48-year-old Theresa Figueiredo (above) was hit in the eye and on the nose by the object thrown from the skywalk as she was crossing the road in Sion on Sunday. Pics/Suresh K K

Victim Theresa Figueiredo and her friend Margaret Pinto were on their way to Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Sion when a ceramic object came out of thin air and hit her in the face at around 7 pm.

Unable to see for a few minutes after the incident, Figueiredo was helped by Pinto who realised that the object was flung from the skywalk above.

Resident of Everard Towers in Sion, the duo had alighted from a BEST bus at the station road and was crossing the road beneath the skywalk when the incident took place.

Recalling the incident Figueiredo said, “We never use the skywalk since it takes a lot of effort to climb the steps and the distance to cross is only 20 metres. As we were crossing the road, suddenly out of nowhere, I was hit in the eye by an object and went completely blank for a few minutes.”

Figueiredo added that luckily her friend Pinto was with her who, with the help of passers-by and stall owners, helped her get to the other side of the road.

A stitch in time
Unable to see due to the excessive blood that was flowing from the wound, Figueiredo was taken to the house of Dr Ramesh Vora who resides in the vicinity. Dr Vora treated her wound and temporarily stopped the bleeding.

Subsequently, he took her to an ophthalmologist in Ghatkopar who checked her eye for any damage. “After checking her right eye, the doctor told us that she needed stitches on her nose and that the outermost layer of her cornea was damaged. He, however, assured her that there would be no need for any surgery and that the wound on the cornea would heal soon,” said Dr Vora.

Figueiredo was taken to Abhishek Nursing Home at Ghatkopar the next day to get sutures for the wound on her nose, and received five of them.

Skywalk for urchins
Shop owners who helped Figueiredo claim that the skywalks are hardly used by pedestrians, and encroached by urchins and druggies.

Skywalks in the city were constructed by the MMRDA and are supposed to have security guards at the entrances to make sure miscreants are kept out.

Questioned about the absence of the guards, Deputy Metropolitan Commissioner of MMRDA Anil Wankhede said, “So far I have not been informed of any incident that has occurred in which a pedestrian has been hurt. However, I will check with my staff to see who was supposed to be posted at the skywalk and whether they were at their post or not. If not, action will be taken against them.” 

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