Woman sustains 60 per cent burns in freak LPG mishap

Feb 10, 2014, 04:54 IST |

Incident occurred after gas that had leaked through the faulty pipe caught fire while she was heating water; husband averted major tragedy by turning off the regulator in time

Seven persons, including a 9-year-old girl, were injured in a freak mishap after fire broke due to a leakage in an LPG pipe at Somnathnagar in Wadgaon Sheri around 8.30 am yesterday.

The gas had leaked through the faulty pipe connecting the cylinder with the gas stove. All seven were rushed to a private hospital in Kharadi.

The injured were identified as Raviprasad Mishra (42), his wife Nirmala (35), son Pawan (29), Siddharth (14), daughter Rashmi (16), Shamkali Tiwari (79) and neighbour Payal Subhash Kakade (9).

While Nirmala sustained 60 per cent burns, others have sustained serious injuries. Only Kakade managed to escape with minor injuries to her legs.

According to Yerawada police station officials, Raviprasad Mishra originally hails from Madhya Pradesh and works a labourer in the city.

The Mishras have been residing at Satav Corner in Somnathnagar at Wadgaon Sheri, with his family, for the last 15 years. Mishras’ relative Shamkali Tiwari had come to meet them a few days ago.

Nirmala lit the gas stove to heat water, but the room went up in flames, as the gas that leaked through the gas pipe caught fire. Soon, the fire engulfed the entire house. It was Ravi who took the risk and switched off the regulator, averting a possible explosion.

Payal, who was playing outside Mishras’ residence, sustained minor injuries after the flames scorched her.

Within minutes the neighbours rushed to the accident spot and doused the fire.

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