Women find men with head full of hair sexier

Jul 09, 2012, 05:46 IST | ANI

Unlucky in love? Well, as phony as it may sound, but women are not very fond of men with receding hairline

That’s the conclusion of a new research, which found that ladies looking for love on dating websites are five times more likely to contact men with a full head of hair than those who are thinning on top.

Sex and relationships, Women find men with head full of hair sexier

The shocking two-month experiment was conducted on behalf of hair loss treatment specialists.

The research has posted two profiles on a variety of popular Internet forums. The snaps used were of the same man - except one was doctored to show him thinning on top and the other with a full head of hair.

In both the images the man was dressed identically. And said he was looking for love as a successful, professional, 30-year-old male, based in London with interests in sport, music and travel.

From the analyses, it was found that the man with a full head of hair received 108 responses, compared with 22 received by the page showing him with thinning and receding hair.

"People inevitably make judgments based on first visual impressions and it appears that beauty is not only skin deep but that many Britons have follicle foibles,” a major newspaper quoted the chief executive officer of hair loss treatment specialist firm, as saying.

"The research illustrates that many women are attracted by men with a full head of hair, which historically has been related to virility.

"This social experiment illustrates that in the world of online dating a person''''s photo is far more important than their personality profile,” he said.

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