Women now more desperate to jump into bed on first date than men

Nov 22, 2012, 12:53 IST | ANI

These days women are more comfortable having sex on a first date than men are, according to new research

Almost half of the men questioned said they would be turned off by a woman who wanted to get intimate after going out only once, but only 39 per cent of women felt that way about a man who did the same, said dating website Parship, which conducted the research.

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The study also found the traits most looked for in a potential partner were honesty, humour and fidelity, the Daily Mail reported.

“As a dating site we''re always looking to see what values singletons across the UK value most highly in a potential partner, as well as what makes a date go well, or destroys all chances of a relationship altogether,” the paper quoted Markus Fischer, Director of International Business at Parship UK, as saying.

“To see men considering the want for first-date intimacy a bigger turn-off than women was somewhat surprising; whilst stereotype would have us believe otherwise, men are clearly the more prudish of the two sexes!” he stated.

Explaining that honesty was voted the top trait in a date, Fischer said: “I guess this goes hand in hand with people being honest about how they describe themselves before a blind date - both men and women saw this as a huge turn-off, so honesty is always the best policy when it comes to dating!”

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