'Won't join any political party or fight polls'

Sep 14, 2011, 08:06 IST | Vivek Sabnis

Saying he's staying away from politics for sure, Anna talks to MiD DAY about his action plan to tackle graft

Saying he's staying away from politics for sure, Anna talks to MiD DAY about his action plan to tackle graft

You were criticised by Congress who said you were corrupt. Questions were also raised on the funding for your campaign...
There were many people who supported our campaign. They do not reveal their names but have managed to provide us with donations and food and water. The battle is not yet over. This is a truth which can never be subdued. I know my supporters well enough. I am conducting an audit of all the donations received during the agitation in Delhi. If there is black money involved in the funding for my agitation, I will abandon it.

Up for the battle: Anna Hazare at a meeting in Ralegansiddhi yesterday.
pic/Somudra Banerjee

Do you have political leanings? You keep harping on having clean politicians.
I am not joining any political party nor contesting elections. I believe there are good people within the existing political parties. They are like-minded people who believe in a corrupt-free India. I am appealing to them to come out of their parties and together build a fresh one. They can easily contest and win elections.

Why don't you contest elections when you have so many people supporting you?
What can't be done by being part of the system can be done by being out of it. About 10 years ago, I fought for RTI, it was successful, and the Jan Lokpal Bill will also taste success soon. If I stay within the system, I will not be able to achieve much. By staying outside, I can build the pressure and cleanse the system. I don't want to be binded. In 1975, socialist leader Jai Prakash Narayan started a protest, but it failed because he became part of the system. No one took control over it. I am not going to let this campaign go by. I am also supporting Irom Sharmila. My team will support her.

Why have you asked your people to protest against MPs who do not favour your Jan Lokpal Bill? This is a democracy. People have the right to agree or disagree.
It is true. The Parliament has 150 MPs who have criminal backgrounds. I oppose all those who oppose the Jan Lokpal Bill and we will sing bhajans in front of their house and protest. As long as there is life in my body, I will not hesitate to go on hunger strike in my fight against corruption.

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