Won't let Anna out of sight for month, says Ralegansiddhi

Jan 09, 2012, 14:51 IST | Vivek Sabnis

Concerned residents say anti-graft activist must not strain himself until fully fit again

Concerned residents say anti-graft activist must not strain himself until fully fit again

Ralegansiddhi residents welcomed Anna Hazare after his discharge from Sancheti hospital yesterday morning. Though the villagers were happy about his recovery, they were still deeply concerned about his delicate health, especially his weakness.

Welcome back: Women of Ralegansiddhi hold Anna Hazare's hands 
upon his arrival in the village following his discharge from Sancheti 
hospital in the city. Pic/Ganesh Bhosale 

Many villagers said they would not let Hazare leave Ralegansiddhi for at least a month. The fight will continue, said Hazare after his discharge. "I have to fight a long battle before I take some rest for a few days," he said. Hazare did not comment on whether he would make any changes in his team.

"I was totally cut off from the outside world since last 10 days," he said. Earlier, Dr Kantilal Sancheti, founder of Sancheti hospital, said he had made a major recovery and his chest was almost clear from cough due to bronchitis and a calcium deficiency in his body.

Hazare still has some weakness but has normal heartbeats. He still has a calcium deficiency. "Anna needs full rest of one month. He, however, must walk, take daily exercises and also take sunrays to get more vitamin D required for his body," he said.

Docs to visit Anna
A team of doctors under whom Hazare was taking treatment -- Dr Suruchi Manjrekar, physician, Dr Mahendra Kavedia, physician, Dr Kiran Kudrimoti, chest physician, intensive care specialist -- is planning to visit Ralegansiddhi after four to five days for another check-up. Describing Hazare as a cooperative patient and a good human being, Manjrekar said: "He needs full rest and need not go to a crowded place. He is still under the treatment of antibiotic and calcium tablets. We are all seeing him soon probably in the next four to five days."

Agitations can wait
Jausingh Mapari, sarpanch, Ralegansiddhi, with all the Grampanchayat members met Hazare. Mapari described Hazare as a father figure of the village. "We don't want to take any risk about his health in the future. His life is equally precious to me and my villagers. Agitations can wait. We shall not allow him to take any hardship," he said.

"Anna's precious life is important to us," said Sanjay Pathade, a schoolteacher and a close associate of Hazare. "These days are not good for the person who had developed bronchitis. The temperature is low and therefore Anna needs proper care till the present winter ends." Hazare could not speak loudly and was unable to address the people who came to see him.

Do not disturb
ANNA Hazare, who reached Ralegansiddhi around 11.30 am yesterday, has been advised rest for the next 15 days. Considering his weak condition, Hazare's PA Suresh Pathare appealed to his supporters to not disturb him for at least a fortnight.

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