Woods went public about Vonn to avoid 'stalkerazzi'

Mar 22, 2013, 01:37 IST | AFP

Tiger Woods, who can overtake Rory McIlroy for World No 1 by defending his title this week at Bay Hill, says he and ski star Lindsey Vonn went public as a couple to combat "stalkerazzi."

A day after Woods and Vonn told the world they were dating and shared photos on their Facebook pages, Woods explained why they made that decision at a news conference on the eve of the $6.2 million US PGA Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Tiger Woods and  Lindsey Vonn
A picture Lindsey Vonn posted on her Facebook account with Tiger Woods

“We’re very happy where we’re at, but also we wanted to limit the ‘stalkerazzi’ and all those sleazy websites out there, paparazzi following us,” Woods said.

Photographers seeking a valuable picture of the couple had put at risk the health of Woods’ two children with ex-wife Elin Nordegren — five-year-old daughter Sam Alexis and four-year-old son Charlie.

“I’ve had situations where it has been very dangerous for my kids, the lengths paparazzi will go to,” Woods said. “We basically devalued the first photos.

Unfortunately that’s just the way it is in our society right now. We felt it was the best thing to do and I’m very happy about it,” he added.

Woods has been fiercely private when it comes to his personal life, even before his downfall in November 2009 over multiple extramarital affairs.

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