Woody Harrelson happy to work with Jesse Eisenberg in next

May 24, 2013, 02:52 IST | PTI

Actor Woody Harrelson took on the role in Louis Leterrier's upcoming film "Now You See Me" as it gave him a chance to reunite with his "Zombieland" actor Jesse Eisenberg.

The film has a star studded cast including Mark Ruffalo, Melanie Laurent, Isla Fisher, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. And Harrelson says he had more than one reason for accepting the role of the subversively funny mentalist, Merritt Osbourne in the movie.

Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson
Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson

"I really wanted to work with Jesse again. It just got better as the rest of the cast came together. It was an honour to be able to work with two legends like Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. Isla Fisher was already a friend.

"I knew Melanie Laurent's work from 'Inglourious Basterds', and she was just incredible in that. And Dave Franco, who I didn't know at all, was relentless in his pursuit of excellence. I was jazzed about the whole cast."

Producer Bobby Cohen says he first approached Eisenber for the movie and from there on it became easier to rope in others. "Every time we added somebody else, it made it easier to cast the rest of the movie. Jesse Eisenberg was the first one in.

Then Woody Harrelson came on because he enjoyed working with Jesse in 'Zombieland'. Mark Ruffalo wanted to work with Jesse and Woody, and Isla Fisher was excited to work with all three of them. It just came together naturally," Cohen said.

"Now You See Me" is set around four magicians who mesmerize the audience with series of bold and original heists, all the while pursuing a hidden agenda that has the FBI and Interpol scrambling to anticipate their next move in. PVR Pictures is set to release the film in India on June 7. 

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