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Mar 23, 2014, 06:47 IST | Rinky Kumar

Fitness professional Rujuta Diwekar talks about why one needs to do just 150 minutes of workout throughout the week for a healthy life

Fitness professional Rujuta Diwekar, who is out with her new book Don’t Lose Out, Work Out, tells sunday mid-day why one doesn’t necessarily lose weight by sweating more and doles out tips on how to stay fit by working out regularly.

On why exercising in a jiffy is a fad With more and more people realising the need to exercise, gyms are cropping up at every nook and corner, roads are occupied by recreational runners and yoga schools have an enviable waiting list.

Rujuta Diwekar (above) performs various forms of yoga to stay fit

But along with this has grown the number of injuries and disillusionment at not getting ‘results’. This leads to fads. The basic problem is the complete lack of understanding about exercise, how it works and how to make it work for you.

On lesser-known benefits of exercise
People usually exercise to stay fit but regular workouts also have anti-ageing benefits. One should be fit enough to age gracefully. Exercise also boosts your memory and brain activity. Moreover, exercise is not just a brainless activity but s science. Before and after working out, one needs to follow a pre-and post-workout meal, an often neglected but crucial aspect.

On why exercise is a misunderstood concept
People in India have a very skewed view of exercise. It is a highly misunderstood concept. People think they need to work out only to lose weight or feel they don’t need to exercise as they otherwise lead an active life. The human body is designed for activity. If you aren’t active, then your body will degenerate. Exercise is a non-negotiable activity. It is imperative to practice it to lead a healthy and meaningful life.

On a dummy’s guide to stay fit for busy professionals
I would suggest don’t ever take the easy way out to stay fit. Indulge in any cardio activity, weight training or do yoga the right way under proper guidance to get fit. All you need is 150 minutes of exercise throughout the week to stay healthy.

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