Workers want BJP to fly solo, dump Shiv Sena, in assembly polls

Jul 04, 2014, 08:13 IST | Varun Singh

During the party’s executive meet yesterday, several party leaders said there was no need to be allied with the Sena any more

There seems to be a clamour among BJP’s ranks to dump state ally Shiv Sena, and fly solo in the upcoming state assembly elections. Several state party leaders and workers advocated this cause in the state executive meeting held yesterday.

Party spokesperson Madhu Chavan, former MLA, began the tirade against the Sena. “All these years, it has been our need and hence, we accommodated everyone (Sena). Do we want to be bonsai plant? If this is the case, we will never get a mayor in Mumbai. It’s time we go alone.”

This received tremendous applause and sloganeering from party workers. Following this was Sujit Singh Thakur, state general secretary, who added, “Sena won 18 seats in Maharashtra, but not even once did they acknowledge Modi.”

A leader from western Maharashtra claimed on stage that the BJP had treated Sena as their big brother but the latter had started belittling them. Another claimed people voted for the Sena because there was no BJP candidate. State party head Devendra Fadnavis said, “We can’t leave the alliance just because our good days have started.”

He further added, “Our strike rate is better in Maharashtra and it is natural that every volunteer wants the party to grow. In Maharashtra, our alliance is based on ideology. Our alliance party has been with us during good and bad days. We can’t end it all in a day.

I know there are issues and we will try to resolve them.” Union Minister Prakash Javdekar assured workers that the leadership was aware of all these issues. Currently, the BJP contests 119 seats and the Sena, more than 170. The former wants around 145 seats.

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