World AIDS Day: 10 common condom myths busted

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Living in a developing nation and while celebrating World AIDS Day, we need to educate ourselves as well as our fellow citizens more about the usage of condom. Here we debunk 10 popular condom myths that revolve around our mind


World Aids Day

There are infinite ridiculous myths surrounding condoms and its usage. Given the state of sex education in India, one can be best assured that even a highly educated man is unaware about condoms and often believes in rumours or myths revolving around the product. However, the story is the other way round. Condom is said to be the most important invention in the era of human civilization. Condoms not only aims to prevent pregnancy, but also protect one from the risk of developing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Living in a developing nation and while celebrating World AIDS Day, we need to educate ourselves as well as our fellow citizens more about the usage of condoms.

World Aids Day
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Here we debunk 10 popular condom myths that revolve around our mind.

1. No need of condom if you are indulging in oral or anal sex: Apart from preventing pregnancy, condoms also prevent from contracting STIs. In case one is not sure if the partner is carrying an infection, it is better to have a safe and healthy sex rather than repenting later. Condoms help prevent STIs, especially in case of teeth bite or abrasions in penis.

2. Condoms do not have an expiry date: Make an effort to read the backside of the packet. The expiry date of the condom packet is clearly mentioned at the backside. Once the condom crosses the expiry date, it tends to lose flexibility and is more likely to break at the middle of sex. An expired condom can also cause irritation and itching. So, better check the cover and go for a new pack.

3. Condoms make less sensitive towards the pleasure: This is one of the biggest myths so far! Though some condoms are designed to delay orgasm, but that does not mean they make less sensitive or gives less pleasure. There are condoms that are thin, yet gives ample pleasure and at the same time acts as an excellent protector. What’s more uncomfortable is treating STIs.

4. Putting on two condoms instead for a safer sex: There is no need to put two condoms for a safer sex, if one is used appropriately. In fact, two condoms can cause friction and result in leak or rupture. At the same time, it might also irritate the partner.

5. Condoms can be put during sex or right before ejaculation: Why to put it on during sex and not before? Though preseminal fluid does not contain sperm, yet it could carry residual sperm that was already in the reproductive or urinary passage. Putting a condom right before ejaculation can be a vital reason for unplanned pregnancy.

6. Store condoms in any surface area: Never store a condom packet in extreme high or extreme low temperatures. It should be kept in a place devoid of friction because friction might lead to tiny tears in the condom. Those tiny unseen tears can make a big passage for sperms to pass.

7. Condoms cannot be used if the person is allergic to latex: Those who are allergic to latex can also have a safe sex with condom. There are condoms like polyurethane condoms and lambskin condoms, which do not cause irritation or allergy.

8. There is no need of condom when the female partner is virgin: Even first time sex can be a cause of STIs. It can also result in unwanted pregnancy. The best way to make sure that none of the partners get infected by STI is to use barrier contraceptives or condoms.

9. Condoms can slip off very easily: It can only happen when the condom is used incorrectly. Right usage lead to happier and longer sex without any fear of slip off or breakage.

10. Condoms have a 100 percent success rate: The least but the most important myth of all! Condoms may be effective 99% of the time, but that 1% failure rate can let the sperm to pass and bring a major change in life.

World Aids Day
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As we celebrate World AIDS Day on December 1, as responsible citizens we should make ourselves as well as near and dear ones aware of the right use of condom. It is not only few minutes of pleasure, it is also about our future health. Use condom, stay away from sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and have a happy sex life!


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