World Environment Day: TV actors take steps to preserve the environment

Published: Jun 05, 2019, 16:05 IST | mid-day online correspondent |

June 5 is World Environment Day, and here's how these TV actors are planning to take care of the environment

Ira Sone and Surbhi Joshi
Ira Sone and Surbhi Joshi

June 5 is World Environment Day, and here's how these TV actors are planning to take care of the environment.

Ira Sone: I recently made some mindful changes after reading about plastic pollution as it can afflict land waterways and oceans. I decided to discard all plastic items from my house especially from the kitchen, it was a difficult process but my mother's old school and effective pointers helped me make this change. I've been persistent to help my friends make this change as well.


Sahil Anand: I am from Chandigarh that is extremely beautiful and basically I am very fascinated with greenery. I am really into gardening. Chandigarh has many trees and gardens and I am habituated to them. I make sure that now also where I am living, it has gardens around it. I also have a garden at my place where I have planted many plants. I love plants and I want to have a green environment around me. Obviously, I never throw garbage on the road or never spit or eat something which I have to spit. But I see people spitting and we should do something against this. We should organize campaigns. Thanks to Modi sir, the problem of green garbage, wet garbage, and dry garbage has really been taken care of and I see people following it and I am very glad that it's happening.


Sana Makbul Khan: The basic thing would be that it all starts from yourself. If you on your own take care that there's no litter around you, you yourself take a step forward than that will go a long way. On World Environment Day, I would like to urge people to stay away from plastics. People are still using plastics and that shouldn't be permitted.

Jason Shah: Everything in this world is ours and is ours to protect. Small initiatives like don't keep the water running while brushing your teeth and switch off the lights and fans when you leave the room. Try not to use and throw plastic and be part of small initiatives to help clean up.


Shehzad Shaikh: I make sure that I use minimalistic energy, I make sure that I don't use any plastic in my life. I try to keep my air-condition and carbon emission from my side to the minimum. If it comes to short distances up to 2 kilometres, I will walk that distance. And in the end, keep our city clean because we are one of the highly populated countries in the world. And one of our leaders also said this 'That if all of us decide that we aren't going to stay in a dirty world, so that country will become the most sustaining, and cleanest place to live in'. I hope you are planting a sapling, you are putting out a bowl of water for the birds, And please try to help the animals because they really need your help more than you possibly think.


Aastha Chaudhary: Try not to use plastic much do not litter and most importantly plant trees as much as you can. Personally, I follow these basic rules and aware people around me whenever I travel I always keep garbage bag handy. I try to buy products with no paraben /sulphate, which is very harmful to our mother Earth.

Sachin Parikh: My wife and I started going on holidays after our marriage, to different places in India. We decided that plant trees everywhere we go. It could be a small plant or anything, but we would definitely do it and we will let it grow. When we decided this my wife was pregnant and we decided that further on also, our son or daughter whoever comes would continue this tradition. We are definitely going to follow this in the upcoming years as well. today my daughter, who is 8 years old, also makes sure we do this wherever we go.


Rajesh Kumar: I have a very different take on this day because it is not about celebrating this day and then forgetting about it for the rest of the year. It should be an ongoing process. The environment is the way you are breathing every moment, you are breathing oxygen and you are releasing carbon dioxide, I think the relationship with that tree or the plant should be more because what you exhale is what the tree inhales and what tree exhales is the thing which you inhale, so there has to be a relationship established between both of you, I mean the trees, the plants, and the environment. I think my contribution towards it is always is that right now I planted fifty thousand trees in Mumbai which is just a start and the moment you see a barren land, make it a point to go out with your children, you go out with your colleagues or your neighbours and plant some seeds. I mean instead of planting trees just go and throw the seed. If the rain is supposed to happen around that time, that seed will become a plant.

Angad Hasija: If I am with someone or with my friends and if they throw something on the road, I request them not to throw because I feel very bad if someone litters the streets. If I have a tissue or something like that, I put it on the side in my car or else I keep the tissue in my pocket and then I throw it in the dustbin. If we improve this thing, then the environment would become much better. Doing it on your own is a big thing. I also feel that plants are very important for a fresh environment and at home, I have kept some plants like palm trees and indoor plants. I like them a lot and I make sure to take care of them too.


Subuhi Joshi: I believe we should totally stop using plastic at first, taking small steps like dividing our garbage in degradable and biodegradable will play a major role in cleaning the environment. I prefer using paper bags, jute bags. And I believe in recycling, I also have a small garden at my place and I keep adding a new plant to it every now and then.

Aniruddh Dave: I am a sanitation promoter and I tell everybody on the sets that they should not litter. I promote these things and I am a dog lover as well, and have given messages to everyone on social networking sites that' If your dog poop than you have to scoop'. So these are the things that people should take care of and I am very keen on the plantation as well and put forward messages for this as well. I myself love greenery and plantation, even at my home in Mumbai I have a lot of plants. I ensure that people on the sets throw coffee and cold drink cups in the dustbin. Protecting the environment is a necessity and we as public figure should push the envelope.


Nishant Malkani: I don't waste water and electricity. I ensure wet and dry garbage is separated and I am against anyone spitting on road. Small small things make a difference. Each one of us needs to make an effort for the environment in the age of global warming which is a big issue. We should all plant trees rather than cutting it. I totally believe in the green revolution. Plastic is banned still people are using it. Strict action needs to be taken against offenders.

Gaurav Sharma: I use my car, air-conditioner as less as I can.. whenever possible I walk to small distance and use fans or natural air. I have plants in and around my house and I don't let anyone smoke or litter around me.


Rahul Sharma: I prefer to walk whenever it is required rather than taking my car out. Secondly, I always carry a paper bag to carry my waste if I am trekking somewhere, so if I have a plastic bottle or a tissue paper I just put it in that bag and I throw that bag into the waste bin. I love cycling and do it a lot of time to avoid driving and whenever I go back to my hometown Dausa I plant trees because there are fewer possibilities in Mumbai where I can find the land, so whenever I find an open space I just go and plant which can help in protecting our environment, so I have done a lot of plantations in my village so that's how I can contribute in this process.

Rehaan Roy: To run the life in a healthy happy way, we all need a healthy and natural environment. People are cutting forests to a great extent for making their home to live securely however they do not think of the problems which arise due to the lack of forests. It completely disturbs the natural cycle between environment and life on the earth. Because of the over-population, the number of various chemical elements are increasing in the atmosphere which ultimately causes irregular rainfall and global warming. We cannot imagine the negative effects of global warming over the climate and lives of human beings and other living species. I personally take various small steps in my day to day life to ensure we live in a better environment. I don't use plastic bags, I have a small garden in my own home, and I try to influence people for afforestation. I don't use AC until it's really needed. I switch off fans and lights when I leave the room. I make sure that my locality is clean, I throw garbages only in a garbage tank. I feel it's just that people should start focusing on the problem of the environment of our planet. If we all unite and take small steps, I think we and our next generations will live in a better environment.

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