World's largest pool holds 66m gallons of water!

May 22, 2012, 16:12 IST | ANI

The enormous pool opened in December 2006 at a Chile resort after nearly five years of construction work

The world’s largest outdoor pool is bigger than 20 Olympic-size pools put together and holds a whopping 66 million gallons of water.

A man and his daughters look at some fish in the aquarium connected with the world's largest swimming pool at the seaside resort in Algarrobo, Chile. Pic/ AFP

The enormous pool, which opened in December 2006 at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile after nearly five years of construction work, is said to have set developers back by as much as 1billion pounds.

And on top of the staggering initial cost, it takes requires a further 2million pounds a year in maintenance.

The enormous man-made lagoon is set halfway up the country’s Pacific coast, in the city of Algarrobo, is three fifths of a mile long and is filled with 66 million gallons of crystal clear seawater, the Daily Mail reported.

It uses a computer-controlled suction and filtration system to suck water in from the ocean at one end and pump it out at the other, while the sun warms it to 26C - nine degrees higher than the sea.

The record-breaking dimensions mean visitors can paddle or sail their way around the pool instead of swimming.

It is also the world’s deepest swimming pool at 115ft.

The pool’s incredible dimensions leave the next biggest floundering in its wake, with the Orthlieb in Morocco measuring a mere 1,575ft long. 

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