World Mental Health Day: 'Support, encouragement from family and friends is the biggest treatment'

Oct 10, 2013, 01:38 IST | Anup Satphale

Psychiatrists claim more and more young professionals seeking their help; blame odd working hours and modern lifestyle as primary reasons for deteriorating mental health

Upon interacting with psychiatrists on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day today, most of them said that more and more professionals, especially those from the IT sector, were now seeking their help on a regular basis. They said that odd working hours and modern lifestyle were the main culprits for their fast deteriorating mental health.

“Number of patients seeking help for problems related to existence, and ruthlessness is on the rise,” psychiatrists Dr Vasudev Paralikar said.

Even the outpatient department (OPD) at the Yerawada Mental Hospital is flooded young IT professionals, seeking cure for stress and other psychological issues, said the hospital staff.

“Today’s lifestyle is the main culprit for the rise in cases of patients battling psychological issues. Late and odd working hours, clubbed with work pressure, are the primary reasons why young people are seeking professional help. Stress increases chances of them becoming addicts. In the last few years, numbers of patients in the OPD and the in patient department (IPD) has increased considerably. These patients seek treatment for stress and addiction,” Dr Vilas Bhailume, medical superintendent of the hospital, said.

Commenting on the symptoms shown by patients, Paralikar said those suffering from psychological problems are unable to prioritise between family and work.
“A psychosocial person finds is difficult to make choices, which can lead to commitment issues towards his or her parents, partner or work,” he said.

Elaborating on the kind of treatment such patients require, Paralikar said, “Support and encouragement from family and friends is the biggest treatment. Patients regain their lost confidence and start making better decisions.”

Approximate number of people visiting Yerawada Mental Hospital daily 

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