World's top chef in Mumbai

Jul 03, 2012, 08:13 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

What would we do without our politicians? They manage our cricket associations, run our airlines and now appear to be even bringing us world-class gourmet experiences!

>> What would we do without our politicians? They manage our cricket associations, run our airlines and now appear to be even bringing us world-class gourmet experiences! A little bird tells us that one of the world’s greatest chefs Joël Robuchon (named Chef of the Century by the guide Gault Millau in 1989 and awarded the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France —France’s Best Craftsman in cuisine in 1976) will be setting up restaurants in India soon.

And for this we have to thank Unmesh Joshi, the enterprising son of former Maharashtra CM and Shiv Sena leader Manohar Joshi, who runs the Kohinoor group — a conglomerate of construction, real estate and retail businesses. If things go according to plan, Robuchon will open his first Indian outlet at a luxury mall in Parel that the Joshis are building.

Chef Joël Robuchon and Unmesh Joshi

This outlet will add to his restaurant empire that stretches from Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Macau, Monaco, New York City, Paris, Taipei, and Tokyo, and boasts of a total of 28 Michelin Guide stars collectively — the highest won by any chef in the world. Thank God for our politicians… what would we do without them?

Sugar Daddy Etiquette
>>  The ingenuity of our young actresses is to be admired. This B-lister who had been launched with much fanfare in a much hyped film to launch a star son some years ago but whose career has been on the skids ever since her messy quarrel with her family has come up with an ingenious way to buttress her lifestyle: a 65-year-old sugar daddy who is quite happy to sign on the dotted line for her baubles and homes. So what’s so new about that, you ask, that’s a common occurrence in Bollywood. Ah, but this young beauty with brains has made sure that sugar daddy passes under the radar as all her material enhancements are attributed to the young swain by her side who she calls her partner and whose presence works as the perfect decoy. Incidentally, the same actress has become an official hanger on of a star wife who has ambitions of running a little coterie of her own on the lines of some of the other star wives. “What a comedown for some one who hails from one of the country’s top families and who is highly educated herself,” said a star wife from a rival camp!

What’s Up Doc?
>> A little bird tells us that Madhuri Dixit’s presence on the sets of various TV shows, advertising commercials and underproduction film ventures is a quite understated one.

“She comes in, sits quietly and hardly speaks to us,” says a production hand on one of her reality shows. “In fact, it is her husband Dr Nene, who is in charge and handles her affairs,” he informs, adding, “And we even have a code name for him on the sets — we refer to him as Sridevi’s mum — so efficient and well does he manage, the day-to-day, minute to minute running of his beautiful wife’s business.” Sridevi’s mum? Why on earth does a US returned surgeon need to take on such a mantle unless it is for undying and eternal love? One look at Madhuri’s glowing smile confirms this too.

Celebrated sports fans
>>  There are a few Indian sport enthusiasts who make it a point to attend every major World Cup event of their favourite sport wherever it might take place.

Tikka Shatrujit Singh and Sanjay Labhru

Mukesh Ambani and his family and leading banker Deepak Parekh, for instance, will rarely miss a big-ticket cricket event and mark their presence at most of the World Cups.

Tarun Tahiliani and Suhel Seth

Raj Salgaonkar and his son Vikram, too themselves gifted sportsmen are regular fixtures at international football tournaments. So this year too, a handful of loyal Indian fans had flown in to watch the Euro 2012 Finals at Kiev on Sunday night. Amongst these worthies were Louis Vuitton’s ambassador Tikka Shatrujit Singh of the Kapurthala royal family and his son Suryajit, best friend industrialist Sanjay Labhru and his brood, and Tarun Tahiliani’s sons too. This group, along with Suhel Seth kept the Delhi flag flying at the finals, we are told.

Fabulous Fakes
>>  When the Delhi police arrested uber jeweller Govind Narayan Johri, in connection with selling fake jewellery worth crores of rupees to the wife of HCL chairman Shiv Nadar last year, it set off a lot of warning bells amongst some of the country’s richest families.

Rajmata Gayatri Devi and Kiran Nadar

After all, the lovely Kiran Nadar, who had allegedly bought gems to the tune of Rs 30 crores wasn’t his only client. The uber jeweller’s modus operandi according to one of his regular customers was to say that his pieces had come from either one or the other Rajasthani royal family. Evidently businessmen were particularly interested in any pieces that were said to come from the Rajmata of Jaipur’s legacy in particular. “Today we’re all in a fix and running around to get our jewels ascertained,” he said. “It’s a very messy business and giving a lot of rich folk many sleepless nights.” Johri, we learn was out on a bail surety of Rs 5 crore until the case comes up in court. Just another day in paradise!  

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