World Tourism Day: 15 essentials items to carry while traveling with kids

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When it comes to packing the right food items while travelling with kids one has to keep in mind to avoid packaged food loaded with fat and sugar

This picture has been used for representational purpose only
This picture has been used for representational purpose only

No matter, if it is the first trip or the seventh, travelling with kids will always be daunting and full of surprises. From what to pack, to what to feed and how to engage, we moms have to plan everything to keep ourselves sane. One very important aspect of planning for travel with kids includes hygiene and food safety which is not very difficult to achieve if we have the right tools in hand.

When it comes to packing the right food items while travelling with kids one has to keep in mind to avoid packaged food loaded with fat and sugar, instead of planning and packing some easy home-cooked and prepared items that will be healthy for kids and they are happy indulging in the same.

Here are 15 essentials items that one must carry from home while on the go:

1. Entertainment Travel Bag - This bag is very essential when you are on the go. It is like a bag of tricks to keep kids engaged and engrossed in their own sweet world instead of constantly staring at an IPAD. So include plenty of small toys, games, stickers, magnets, puzzles and colouring books in the entertainment bag. This helps when you are in a long haul flight. Once onboard, try not to whip them all out at once or let them rummage through -- take them out one at a time and let them play with each until they are really ready to move on to the next distraction. And leave toys that make noise at home.

2. Box of nuts  - The best way to give kids a quick snack when they get their hunger pangs. A box full of less sugary nuts like almonds, cashew, raisins, and dry cranberries can be taken in small boxes and given to kids when they are ready for snacking. These will keep them energetic instead of binging on a pack of chips; nutritious and healthy nuts are always a great option.

3. A Torch - pack a small travel torch always because you never know when your kid might ask you to search for his/her favourite toy that they accidentally drop in a dark dingy corner. If you are camping or trekking, a torch is a must.

4. Hand Sanitizer - Washing hands before a meal may not be possible always. So keep a sanitizer handy whenever they decide to suck their thumb after touching every damn thing around or eat their meals.

5. A light blanket or a stole - You never know when the temperature can fail you. Always carry a stole or a thin blanket for kids as they might get cold. A temperature uncertainty is always expected so be prepared.

6. A Quick Meal - A nice healthy meal for kids should always be packed in case they do not like to eat outside food available in flight or otherwise. A vegetable cheese sandwich or whole wheat peanut butter jelly sandwich is always easy to pack and portable. You never know what meal you will get next and if your child does not like it, they should not be hungry.

7. Indian Snacks - like roasted makhana which is a superfood full of calcium and great to snack on. Other quick items could be banana chips, mathri, besan laddoos, date ladoos, or bhel puri. These are quick and easy to prepare at home and can be stored for a longer duration.

8. Fruit Juice or Drink - A healthy freshly squeezed fruit juice in your kid's travel bag is a must. They can keep sipping when they feel dehydrated.

9. Electral - Kids tend to get tummy upset or sick when they travel. So always drop in 5-6 packets of Electral in your travel bag. You never know when you will need them.

10. Light Jacket - A raincoat or light reversible two in one jacket for kids - Weather unpredictability can bowl you over so be smart and pack a jacket for rainy and windy days while travelling.

11. First aid - A first aid portable kit should be in your bag while travelling. This could include some band-aid strips, soframycine, antiseptic ointment, aspirins, cotton pads, and medicines if your child requires them frequently.

12. Chewable candies - These are a must if you are off for a hill trip.

13. Water Bottles - It is essential to keep water handy always especially when your kids are around. You never know when they get thirsty.

14. Tissue or Hand wipes - Wet wipes I think is the most intelligent creation of humankind. It not only is helpful for kids but it is pretty handy for adults too. A must while travelling.

15. Live in the moment and Enjoy – The last but not the least is always travel with a goal to enjoy each and every moment. This moment is yours and cannot come back ever. Live in the moment and enjoy it.

Article by Nora Bali, Founder of YouTube channel 'A classic Mom'

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