International Yoga Day: Cool gear to get you started

Jun 21, 2017, 08:38 IST | Dhara vora sabhnani

Keen on starting a yoga routine this World Yoga Day? Here's some cool gear to get you started

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If you hate doing yoga with bare feet, opt for toe-less ballet-type footwear styles made by leading sports brands. These offer a meshed top layer for added support and silicon traction patterns for enhanced grip.

Yoga tights
Opt for tights made from smooth and supportive polyester elastane. Mesh panels do a great job in cooling you post a sweaty session.
Available at Leading e-stores

Yoga mat
Yoga is all about clean living and this 100 per cent natural and biodegradable yoga mat (that comes with a holder), made with water hyacinth in Assam is the perfect way to get started.

Scented tees
Smell good and look good too with lavender scented yoga T-shirts. They also offers apparel loaded with antimicrobial technology.
AT Urban Yoga outlets and Central outlets in the city.

Support bra
Choose from options including layered silhouettes that provide more support, or mesh detailing aided with state-of-the-art technology to help cool off after a yoga session.
available at Leading e-stores

The smart yogi
  • Stretch and bend while trying outfits; it might look and fit nice but things often go awry when you are upside down or bending.
  • Invest in a good sports bra that offers support and keeps your mind off possible wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Not all tights work for yoga. Need to choose a fabric that helps absorb your sweat quickly and lets your skin breathe.
  • Do not wear very loose clothes as they will get in the way of the asana and even bunch up, causing discomfort.
  • Pick a yoga mat based on the type of yoga you practise since the thickness of the mat may be a hurdle for some asanas.
  • The thickness of your mat should depend on your weight.
  • If you are using a borrowed yoga mat, carry a mat towel to maintain hygiene.

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