Would act for fun but not as a career option: Kiran Rao

Jul 01, 2013, 23:21 IST | PTI

She did a minute role in 2001 release 'Dil Chahta Hai' before going on to become a producer-director but Kiran Rao does not rule out the possibility of acting again

The 39-year-old wife of superstar Aamir Khan says she has never thought of acting as a career option but would not mind doing it for fun.

Kiran Rao

"I don't know If I can act in a film. I used to enjoy acting on-stage in college, it's a great experience, good fun. I would love to do it for the fun of it if there is an opportunity at some point but it is certainly not a career option," Kiran told PTI.

The director is currently busy promoting Anand Gandhi's 'Ship Of Theseus', which she is distributing in India. Kiran says she is not putting her support behind the movie for any financial gains but for the love of art house films.

"I am not taking any financial stake in the film. Initially, I didn't think I could do anything for it (movie) or they needed me. But when Anand made it known that my association would be helpful, I thought that would be great because as an audience there is a certain kind of cinema that appeals to me and I would like to see more of that. We can't be passive recipients of anything which comes out in the theater," she said. 'Ship Of Theseus' will release on July 19 and Kiran is trying alternative methods of promoting the film.

"We are not doing same sort of promotion like any other film would do, which is constant trailers on TV, big hoardings, newspaper ads. We are relying more on Twitter, Facebook and online methods so that the target audience will engage with the film long before it releases," Kiran said.

Kiran, who has long been demanding special screens to support independent and art house films, says she still has a long way to go before achieving her goal but is happy that at least a dialouge has started amongst other filmmakers.

"I know we have set out on this journey and I am hoping we are heading to the same place. But at least we have started a dialouge amongst ourselves about what we need if we are making films that are not traditional commercial cinema.

"We have so many other battles to fight but at least if we are assured that we won't be thrown out of a cinema then we can put in money into marketing and all those costs," she added. After her directorial debut with 2011 release 'Dhobhi Ghat', Kiran hasn't helmed any project but she hopes to return to work soon.

"There is a book that I like but I don't think I am going to adapt it because it is a difficult book. I am certainly not ready for it. I am working on my own script. It is an original story idea which I have just started working on. "Baby (her son Azad) is keeping me busy and very happily so. I am really thrilled to be busy with the baby but now I think it's time for me to get back to work," she added. 

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