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Apr 29, 2014, 08:07 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

It’s not just important to find the right gift but it's equally important to wrap it creatively. Here are some options

Everyone loves getting gifts, but for a gift to look special, it’s the wrapping that matters. Luckily, now there are personalised gift wrapping solutions available to ensure you have an eye-catching gift. Wrapping options are a must for corporate gifting, baby announcements and special festive gifting.

Surbhi Mehtani, co-founder, Wrapstar Inc., says, “When we were young, we saw our mothers working their magic around simple things to make them beautiful. We realised the joy related to giving. Through Wrapstar Inc., we aim to elevate that joy by creating a beautifully packaged gift, be it for personal or for business needs.”

Their wrappers include a combination of textures, sizes and colours that are made by incorporating various art and crafts like embroidery, bead work, dry flowers and paintings to finally mould them into a beautifully decorated gift.

Innovative wrapping options by Wrapstar Inc.

Giftease.com is another company which has 20 varieties of gift wrapping options to offer. Says co-founder Ashish Chandani, “We have boxes in which you can gift earrings and wine bottle covers.”

Designer Karishma Jamwal points out that if you gift someone a designer dress that is wrapped in a proper way, it makes a good impression. “It can be done using different fabrics, cards as well as logos. The more personalised it is, the better it looks,” she states.

Tips for wrapping gifts

>> Pick an old brown paper, wrap it around your gift box. Pick up a fresh bright flower with some leaves and place it on the wrapped box with the help of glue or thread.

>> Wrap the gift with any paper, pick up an old photograph or postcard. Stick it at the centre of the box for the personalised touch.

>> Take an old newspaper lying at home. Wrap the newspaper around your box of gift with some tape or glue. Take a bright coloured ribbon or lace lying at home and stick it diagonally across the box.

>> Use colourful kite paper, wrap the gift with it, take an old magazine page and cut out a thick strip. Place the strip diagonally across the gift.

Info courtesy: Surbhi Mehtani

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