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Apr 29, 2013, 00:25 IST | Kanika Sharma

Nothing beats a bike in terms of hotness. Often they rival us women when it comes to being pampered and doted upon. So we bet 'Ride Till I Die', a unique website for bikers will bring much cheer to the tattooed daredevils.

Recently launched, the website stepped on gas to make information about bike rides and exciting destinations along with how tos available to the passionate, much like the founders of this portal.

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The website claims to “put complete focus on the Indian biker”. If not convinced, check out their route guide, calender plus directory of clubs and touring companies that ensure the wildchild in you fires up.

The ‘Info Garage’ definitely guarantees that you understand your polished beauty to the hilt. Our recommend — inspiring stories of Vinod Rawat and Vishnu Mehta who will get you vrooming in no time.

Log on to www.ridetillidie.com

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