WWE SmackDown: John Cena beats Randy Orton despite Bray Wyatt interference

Feb 08, 2017, 11:48 IST | mid-day online correspondent

WWE SmackDown Live witnessed two WWE superstars - 16-time champion John Cena face off against Randy Orton, a fatal four-way match, dual contract signing for Elimination Chamber and more. Check the results

John Cena vs Randy Orton
John Cena vs Randy Orton. Pic Courtesy/ YouTube

WWE champion John Cena faced Randy Orton in the SmackDown Live main event. Cena hit and AA and Randy Orton hit an RKO, but both of them kicked out respectively from each others moves. After the refereee was bumped into, Cena had Orton locked in the STF and Orton tapped but the ref was out. Bray Wyatt attacked Cena with Luke Harper then appearing. Harper began to attack Wyatt while John Cena hit another AA on Randy Orton for the win.

Earlier, SmackDown Live general manager Daniel Bryan came out to express his thanks in his hometown. This was interrupted as The Miz, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles all came out in succession to take pot shots at each other ahead of their Elimination Chamber match. Bryan then added a fatal-four-way match right away. Styles, Miz and Ambrose tried to roll each other up for a pin but could not convert. After each of them hitting their moves, Baron Corbin hit End of Days on AJ Styles to win the match.

Nikki Bella and Natalya confronted each other via video in different locations. Natalya told Nikki Bella that John Cena would leave her for a prettier woman. Nikki Bella then stormed out.

Dolph Ziggler was defeated by Apollo Crews in a match but soon later, Ziggler attacked Crews. Kalisto came in to save Crews but was attacked by Ziggler again with a chair.

Becky Lynch, Naomi, Micke James and WWE SmackDown women's champ Alexa Bliss entered for a dual contract signing ahead of their Elimination Chamber matches. Mickie James vowed to bring her 7-year-long glory back while Becky said she would take her to her past. Naomi told Alexa Bliss that she would defend the women's title at WrestleMania. The four women then got into a nasty brawl.


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