WWE superstar Edge: My job is to help you forget your responsibility for 2-3 hrs a day

Updated: Apr 01, 2020, 12:10 IST | mid-day online correspondent | Mumbai

WWE superstar Edge talks about his historic comeback out of retirement to wrestling, his Royal Rumble return, WWE entertainment and upcoming talent

Edge on his Instagram
Edge on his Instagram

WWE superstar Edge rewrote history when he came out of retirement and entered the WWE Royal Rumble this year. Edge entered at number 21 and the crowd went berserk seeing the return of the Rated R Superstar.

Since his WWE return, Edge also appeared on WWE Raw and as fate would have it, get into a feud with his once tag team partner Randy Orton, after the latter attacked him. Randy Orton also attacked Edge's wife Beth Phoenix in the following week. Edge is now scheduled to face Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania 36. Meanwhile, WWE superstar Edge talks about his historic comeback out of retirement to wrestling, his Royal Rumble return, WWE entertainment and upcoming talent

How was it being back in the WWE Universe?
For me, I had to very quickly wrap my mind that WWE and wrestling were done for me in 2011. If I did not accept what everyone told me, I would be very unhealthy. I needed to find things to do and move on with life and finish that chapter off. As years passed and I began feeling good and I put in the work that I thought would be needed to make a comeback. Even getting the clearance to the comeback was all so challenging and I thrive on challenges. It was a chance for me to comeback which no one has ever done before in any sport.

The night at the Royal Rumble 2020, everything started to get real. It became more than a challenge, the cardio, the reps and getting into a ring in an empty warehouse with friends. It was odd as there was a new crop of talent that I was excited to be part of. It wasn't until I got home when it hit me that all that hard work paid off and now we're back and doing this. From a creative outlet, that is very exciting as I love telling stories. To get back and be in the WWE, where I am trusted to be part of those things, be it camera angles, the gear, my music - all that I am involved in, I just love it. I needed this to be the best dad at home if it makes sense.

What are your thoughts looking back at Royal Rumble 2020?
I haven't yet fully wrapped my mind around this journey. Let alone the moments before the Rumble. I have always said that I am not nervous before a performance because if there is one place in my life that I knew where I was fully confident in all variables - it was in the wrestling ring. That is my place that no matter what goes down, I am prepared.

However, at the Royal Rumble, I felt the nerves. I was standing down at the bottom of the stairs and was wished good luck from Beth (his wife) and Jay (Christian) and Lance Storm, a producer and close friend. It was Hurricane, Shane Helms, sending people out. We know each other well and rode together a lot. He saw a look in my eyes that he never saw before and said, " Hey man, we've done this a thousand times, you got this! Just go crush it." It was so nice to have that circle of close friends because there are a lot of people in WWE that I do not know or interact with. To go from Beth (his wife) and Jay (Christian) - my closest confidantes - to Lance and Hurricane - that was comforting. When the music hit... (pauses) you can't explain it or put your finger on it, this melting pot of things that all came together. Nine years off after being forced to retire, it's a story that never happened before. And to be in the centre of that was overwhelming. Your emotions cannot cope or adapt to it, so you just have to ride along. It is, however, still surreal.

Who impressed you at NXT and NXT UK?
There is so much of talent that you could point to everyone. But obviously, Tommaso Ciampa since him and I have a close relation. We are both neck guys, for lack of a better term. he is picking my brain a lot and I love it. He will try the ideas as well. I also love Johnny Gargano. But to me, the guy who has absolutely dialled in and found what he is supposed to do is Finn Balor. It is absolutely exciting to watch him. To me, he and Gargano set the template of what an NXT match should be going forward. You got your workhorses like Adam Cole who week in, week out is in the grind that you want to tip your hat to that guy. Keith Lee is so impressive, I would love to get in the ring with him to show him what he is and what he could be. Edge also goes on to mention Velveteen Dream.

From NXT UK, it's Moustache Mountain, Pete Dunne, WALTER and Imperium. I watched Imperium much before they became a group. I remember being in their shoes and that's invigorating.

How important is entertainment as escapism, now more than ever?
In today's climate, you are never going to appease everyone. I think that you need to accept that. Here's how I look at it - right now, the world is on its head and in times like this I truly feel, the world needs entertainment, books to make it through. here is how I look at my job - my responsibility is to help you forget yours for 2-3 hours a day and that is huge. It is a privilege that I don't look past it. I missed it for nine years. Now I come back and the gravity of that responsibility is not lost. In a time like this is it very important and I believe that. I am trying to be socially responsible but still give some kinds of a break from what everyone is going through. To me it's not about money, to me it is that I have a job, I work for a company and also do what I can to be responsible for my family. Right now it is important for us to do what we do and be responsible while doing it.

If you could create a new WWE Network show, what would it be?
An Edge and Christian movie involving a Zombie apocalypse. As Christian is about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, the apocalypse breaks out in the arena and then the chase is on. We wrote a movie and I think that would be fun - a stupid Edge and Christian movie with cameos by Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, Tommy Dreamer and whoever we have relationships with. I think that would be so much fun and absolutely ridiculous.

What should people watch on WWE Network?
For me personally it's the documentaries. I love 24, Ruthless Aggression Era

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