Yawn: The only reason to open your mouth here

Jul 30, 2012, 09:33 IST | Anjana Vaswani

Don't go by Dosa Palace's tempting name. This new eatery in Fort that serves South Indian snacks is just what the doctor didn't order for. Drop by unless it's your last resort

Flies flit around uncovered dishes of dosa batter and potato sabzi at the live counter at the entrance, no less, right under a sign that reads, ‘Dosa Palace.’ Someone seemed to have had a sense of irony! With only 14 varieties of dosas, half of which were just masala versions of seven varieties, and strictly okay upma, uttapam and idli dishes to pick from, decision making posed no problem whatsoever. We ordered a classic — Medu Vada (Rs 20) — and from their list of variants, Spring Dosa (Rs 30). No ‘extra chees’ (Rs15), for us.

No surprise, this The Spring Dosa is mediocre

This tiny eatery can accommodate about seven or eight medium-sized people, provided no one makes a fuss (as we did) about eating our food over a pair of bug-baits that passed for dustbins. Metal stools are the only seating available, but this would be fine if you weren’t also forced to face the wall while dining (even our school teachers — and we had some pretty firm disciplinarians — never punished anyone during lunch break). We got a seat with a view, after all, albeit of a poster that urged us to visit again. That it urged us to visit the Kerala Residency again was of no great import. It beats staring at a blank wall, anyway!

The Medu Vada arrived within minutes and was an acceptable meal, to be fair. The bland coconut chutney was nothing to write home about and the sambhar was a tad too sweet (which would make it the only sweet available at the time of our visit — they were all out of sheera and their mysterious ‘special item’ — buns!). The dosa was mediocre, though the bland and soggy spring onion masala did little to enhance flavour or taste. The server had seemed surprised when we reminded him to bring us this dish — now, we knew why.

So, professionals in the Fort area now have a new, pure vegetarian dosa diner to eat at and its sister-restaurant, Kerala Residency (non-vegetarian) also offers, ‘Free home delivery.’ If you only eat to live, why not give it a shot!

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