95-year-old helps foil robbery bid at Goregaon home

May 10, 2013, 06:02 IST | Shiva Devnath

When two armed robbers entered the home of three senior citizens, they succeeded in foiling their bid but had to let the duo go for fear of attack

In a rare act of courage, three senior citizens, aged 75, 76 and 95, raised an alarm and foiled a robbery at their residence in Ganga Sagar building in Goregaon (W) last Friday. According to them, they successfully foiled the robbery but had to let the armed robbers go for fear of being attacked.

Dr Pritamlal Shah (76), his wife Indumati (75), and her mother Kamlaben (95) live together. On May 3, two armed robbers entered their flat masquerading as Mango and pickle sellers.The accused have been identified as Dinesh Damu Ambekar (33) and Rishikesh alias Rishi Ramdas Kadam (20). Earlier, Ambekar used to work as a driver for the family.

Dr Pritamlal Shah (76), his wife Indumati (75), and her mother Kamlaben (95) successfully foiled a robbery bid at their residence in Goregaon (W). Pics/Nayan Shahane

According to Shah, the robbers entered the house on the pretext of selling their goods. As soon as the door closed, they caught hold of Indumati and began tying her legs and hands.  Kamlaben, who was inside, saw this and pushed one of the robbers, catching him unaware. The two women then began shouting for help. Alarmed, the robbers tried to escape through the front door. However, they couldn’t work the internal lock.

Dr Pritamlal Shah

Meanwhile, Shah, who was asleep inside, came out hearing the cries of the women. Seeing the robbers armed, he decided to open the door for them and let them go. “I am a doctor and I know what people should do in this kind of situation. Many times, people lose their temper and start shouting, resulting in an attack by the armed robbers. I kept my mind cool and let them go out easily without forcing them,” said Shah.

“I was shocked to see that our former driver Ambekar had come to rob us,” said Kamlaben. “It is shocking but everyone should face robbers with presence of mind and fearlessness leading to the foiled bid.”  Following the foiled bid, Shah approached the Goregaon police who immediately began a search for the robbers. Acting on a tip-off by a source, the Crime Branch Unit XI solved the attempt-to-robbery case by arresting both the accused  near Sarovar Hotel, which is in Kandivli, where the duo had gone to conduct a meeting with someone on Wednesday evening. 

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