21-year-old murdered mom for 'nagging'

Feb 04, 2013, 06:59 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Unemployed son tells police he is 'relieved' after killing his mother as she used to taunt him for being out of work

Nilesh Gawli’s confession to killing his mother was chilling. “I have no remorse for killing my mother. A heavy burden that was on me has been lifted. I feel relieved now,” he told police shortly after strangulating his mother because she constantly nagged him about his unemployment.

Nilesh Gawli after he was arrested

According to the police, Nilesh picked a fight with his 39-year-old mother Nanda Gawli on Saturday evening after she scolded him for sitting idle in the house with no job. Angered with the constant taunts since he left his job three months ago, in a fit of rage he killed her in front of his 12-year-old stepsister.

“Nilesh first strangulated his mother and to drown her shrieks he turned up the volume of the television and choked her with a pillow. At the same time his 12-year-old stepsister came and tried to stop Nilesh, but she could not save Nanda.

He then dialled 100, the police control room number, and informed us of the crime,” said a police officer from MIDC police station, on condition of anonymity. But since the police took some time to reach their Goni nagar residence in Andheri (E), Nilesh went to the MIDC police station and surrendered himself.

Out of work
Two years ago, Nilesh appeared for his Std X exams in which he failed. He then took up jobs at several hotels, but would never stick at one place. Three months ago, he left his most recent job and from then on started staying at home all day.

Cops said that this led to constant arguments between mother and son. A neighbour, on condition of anonymity said, “Nanda wanted Nilesh to get a secure job. Although she was short tempered and there used to be many fights between mother and son, she only wanted something good for her son.”

Police said Nanda was diagnosed with tuberculosis a few years ago and because of her deteriorating health, her husband Uttam married another woman. While Nanda and Nilesh resided on the ground floor, the second wife stayed with her 12-year-old daughter on the first floor of the one plus one tenement.

“On Saturday night, a fight broke out again between mother and son while the father Uttam was out for work in Sangli. In a fit of rage Nilesh strangulated his mother to death,” said the police officer. Police said Nilesh was unrepentant and was happy that he killed his mother after the incident.

Nilesh told the policemen that because of his mother he could not achieve anything in life. Nilesh has been charged with murder and was produced at the Bandra Holiday Court yesterday after which he was remanded to police custody. His 12-year-old sister is the complainant and the prime witness in the case.

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