35-year-old murders wife and man who tried to intervene

Jan 08, 2013, 08:39 IST | Vinay Dalvi

The accused Shyam Inchal was confronting his wife and his colleague whom he suspected her of having an affair with; he stabbed his wife and when the colleague's friend tried to resolve the matter, Shyam attacked him as well

Suspecting his wife of having an affair, a 35-year-old man allegedly killed her, and also murdered another man who tried to intervene and resolve their argument. The incident took place in Chandivli, in the Saki Naka area yesterday. The man later surrendered to the police. Shyam Damodhar Inchal, a resident of Sangharsh Nagar, suspected that his wife was seeing a man named Nitesh Dubey (31) on the sly. Nitesh and Shyam were both LIC agents.


“Shyam had called Nitesh to his house around 4 pm,” said Dr Cherian Dorjee, deputy commissioner of police, Zone X. “While talking to them, Shyam became violent and started stabbing his wife Seema. One of Nitesh’s friends, Rajendra Rane, tried to intervene, but Shyam stabbed him as well. Rane was also an LIC agent. Shyam then started stabbing Nitesh,” said Dorjee.

Nitesh started running towards the Saki Naka police station, with Shyam chasing him. The three victims were rushed to a private hospital in Saki Naka, where doctors declared Rane and Seema dead. “Shyam suspected his wife Seema of adultery as he had seen a missed call on her mobile phone from Nitesh. He wanted to confront both of them over the matter, and so called Nitesh to his home,” said Dorjee.

“We have arrested Shyam and he has been booked for murder and attempt to murder. Shyam will be produced in court today. Nitesh is being treated at a private hospital in Saki Naka for his injuries and is in a critical condition,” said a police officer from Saki Naka police station. 

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