33 years of infotainment

Jun 29, 2012, 08:38 IST | Special Features

Over the years, MiD DAY has remained one of Mumbai's most popular tabloids. On its 33rd anniversary, celebs share their fondest memories of the tabloid that has provided these entertainers an entertaining break!

Vivek Oberoi

I think it was the year 2002 and I hadn’t even had my first release when MiD DAY did a front page story on me called ‘Oberoi Towers’. It was about me making my debut and the films I was doing. It really touched me and I still have that article with me and I have got it laminated. In fact, just a few days back, I was showing it to my wife. MiD DAY as a paper is integral to Mumbai, covering all the topical issues. Just like me, the paper also has a social bent. I wish MiD DAY 33 more years of success!

Sameera Reddy

As a college-going girl, my friends and I used to pick up a MiD DAY daily for all the gossip news. All of us used to take turns to read the paper. Today, when I read some ‘hot’ stuff about me in the papers, I am reminded of those days.

Isha Koppikar

Hearty Congratulations to MiD DAY on completing 33 years of keeping the audience all over Mumbai on the go. It has news with great entertainment scoops. MiD DAY is a great newspaper for every day read. Keep going!

Bipasha Basu

The success of any newspaper is when it can give unbiased coverage of events and situations around us. As a local newspaper, MiD DAY has excelled in providing indepth information on the city’s current affairs. MiD DAY for us is a necessity, a habit. The day seems incomplete if we don’t read it – it includes all news about our industry, gossip et al. Hitlist brings a smile on our lips, sometimes happy, sometimes sarcastic (wink!), but nevertheless MiD DAY has become an important part of our daily reading. I congratulate MiD DAY on its 33rd anniversary and here’s wishing many more decades of success to follow.

Pankaj Udhas

My first album came out in 1980 and MiD DAY started in 1979, so we have run parallel. An article that was done on me by Pinky Virani, who went on to become a renowned writer later on. It was titled ‘The King’ and it created a lot of sensation in the music industry. I also remember the first MiD DAY anniversary party. It was one of the biggest parties Mumbai had seen.

Divya Dutta

My first ever newspaper write-up was printed in MiD DAY. So, the paper will always remain very special to me. It’s great for a newcomer to be presented in front of the world as a promising actor. That is exactly what MiD DAY did for me. Happy Anniversary! And may you grow from strength to strength.  

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