Yeddy's estranged buddy mulls launching a party

Oct 12, 2011, 07:36 IST | B V Shiva Shankar

Fed up with 'ungrateful' JD(S) and BJP leaders, Kheny plans to float Karnataka Makakla Party next year

Fed up with 'ungrateful' JD(S) and BJP leaders, Kheny plans to float Karnataka Makakla Party next year

To combat the tirade launched against him by established political parties such as the JD(S) and the BJP, road contractor and influential Lingayat leader Ashok Kheny, who claims to be kingmaker of the B S Yeddyurappa-led government, is considering to launch his own party.

According to sources, the yet to be born party has been christened Karnataka Makakla Party (KMP). It has already been registered with the Election Commission and is likely to be launched by January next year.

Strained ties: Ashok Kheny is rumoured to have shelled out around
Rs 100 crore during the assembly polls to help B S Yeddyurappa, who
also is a Lingayat, to become the chief minister. File pics

Denting votebanks?
According to political observers, if Kheny goes ahead with his plan, he is most likely to dent the vote banks of established political parties, particularly the BJP.

So what prompted the bete noir of the Gowdas and estranged friend of Yeddyurappa to float a party? "We are tired of the politics of political parties around, and it is time for us to have our own forum to fight for the people. My supporters felt that we should take the onus of serving the people on our own.

"It seems prudent to form your own party to solve people's problems instead of banking on selfish politicians for the same," said Kheny.

As per reports, Kheny helped his fellow community man, Yeddyurappa, hoping to get clearance for his pending projects, including the express highway project.

Contrary to his wishes, the BJP government also filed several cases against his company, which was also targeted by the Gowda clan.

The legal battle that ensued between the JD (S) government and Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises, forced Kheny to join hands with the Gowdas' enemy Yeddyurappa.

According to sources, Kheny influence over the community and the Bellary brothers' money and muscle power helped the BJP make its first ever government in a southern state. Kheny was rumoured to have shelled out around Rs 100 crore, while the mining barons spent some Rs 200 crore during the polls.

But, contrary to his expectations, Yeddyurappa government was not conducive to Kheny's business as many cases were pending against his company in the court.

In fact the fissures the relationship became evident when Kheny's company filed a contempt suit against the government and the state in turn filed an affidavit, blaming the firm for the delay of the express highway project.

"You have seen how these politicians have turned ungrateful. Their petty politics is not taking us anywhere. They failed to give basic amenities to people and have forgetten about the all-round development of the state," said Kheny.

Nagaendra Prasad, a designated president of the KMP, said, "The idea is still primitive and we have a long way to go before making the announcement of the launch of the party."

The Other Side
Despite repeated attempts JD(S) supreme H D Deve Gowda could not be contacted for comment.

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