You are always scared of the unknown: Emraan Hashmi

Mar 01, 2013, 08:59 IST | Jigar Shah

The actor talks about his fear of witches, his debut Hollywood film and meeting his fans in Berlin

Emraan Hashmi is back from Berlin where he was shooting for his first Hollywood film. While shooting for the India leg of the film, the actor talks to us from the sets in Patiala...

Emraan Hashmi

Was this your first trip to Berlin?
Yes, we started shooting the film while we were in Berlin attending the film festival. We went to the festival first and then shot around Berlin for three days. Working in a Hollywood set-up is very different as I’m used to working with different sensibilities. Their sensibilities are very different. I have seen all the films by my director (Danis Tanovic) and I’m honoured to be part of his sensibilities and his cinema. I had taken my wife (Parveen) for the festival too but we could hardly spend time together as my schedule was packed.

Is it a multi-lingual film?
No, though I can’t reveal much about the language that I will be speaking in the film. But wherever it is required, Hindi and Urdu are also spoken in the film. We are now in Patiala to shoot the film.

Did you meet your fans in Berlin?
Oh yes! It was nice to meet young fans of our cinema moving around with the Indian flag on their jackets and in their hands.

Your next film is based on witchcraft. Do you believe in witches?
I did the film only and only because I was told stories about them in my childhood. In fact, I don’t think there is anyone across different cultures, who hasn’t heard stories about witches and witchcraft. They could be real or fake but that way parents would ask us to do the right thing. Of course I was scared. You are always scared of the unknown.

A lot was said when Karan Johar offered you a film...
You cannot differentiate between one production house’s set from another. It is the director who sets the tone on the set. Karan has great knowledge when it comes to films and the audience and he knows where to put his money.

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